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Here is where you go to find my favorite music and bands

October 7th Jin's, the Chinese rapper, debut album will be released.

Favorite groups or solo artists
  1. Tenacious D
  2. Good Charlotte
  3. Linkin Park
  4. Foo Fighters
  5. Nas
  6. Will Smith
  7. DMX
  8. Eminem
  9. Dr. Dre
  10. Weird Al Yankovic
  11. Snoop Dogg 
  12. Pharell Williams
  13. Simple Plan
  14. Insane Clown Posse
  15. Ludacris
  16. Maroon 5
  17. Adam Sandler
  18. Jimmy Fallon

People that Could be Cool some Day
  1. Jason Mraz
  2. The Starting Line
  3. Black Eyed Peas
  4. Brooks Buford
  5. Gavin DeGraw
  6. The All-American Rejects
  7. The Ataris
  8. Franky Perez
  9. Evanescense
  10. Mest
  11. Smile Empty Soul
  12. RA
  13. Vendetta Red
  14. Violent Femmes
  15. Rooney
  16. Trapt
  17. Liam Lynch

Jason Mraz - The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
Black Eyed Peas - Where's the Love
Brooks Buford - Trailer Fabulous
Gavin DeGraw - Chariot
The All-American Rejects - Swing Swing
The Ataris - In This Diary
Franky Perez - Something Crazy
The Starting Line - Best of Me
Evanescense - Bring Me To Life
Mest - Jaded (These Years)
Smile Empty Soul - Bottom of a Bottle
RA - Do You Call MyName
Vendetta Red - Shatterday
Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun
Rooney - Blueside
Trapt - Headstrong
Liam Lynch - United States of Whatever

If you like listening to CD's and sence downloading music is illeagal now you should join BMG. If you join now you get 7 CD's for free then you must buy one then you get 4 more for free. So really it is 12 CD's for the price of one. I can sign you up if you like.

Here are the 7 free I got:

  1. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: Thug World Order
  2. Good Charlotte: The Young & the Hopeless
  3. Snoop Dogg: Paid the Cost to be the Bo$$
  4. Jason Mraz: Waiting for my Rocket to Come
  5. John Mayer: Room for Squares
  6. N.E.R.D.: The Search Of...
  7. Uncle Kracker: No Stranger to Shame

CD's I Want:
  1. Foo Fighters: One By One
  2. Xzibit: Man Vs Machine
  3. Jarassic-5: Power In Numbers
  4. Dirty: Keep It Pimp & Gangsta
  5. Bowling For Soup: Drunk Enough To Dance
  6. Nas: The Lost Tapes
  7. Trick Daddy:
  8. Trick Daddy: Thug Holiday
  9. The All-American Rejects: All-American Rejects
  10. Limp Bizkit: New Old Songs
  11. RA: From One
  12. Method Man / Redman: Blackout!
  13. Boxcar Racer: Box Car Racer
  14. The Ataris: So Long, Astoria
  15. Alkaline Trio: From Here to Infirmary
  16. Ying Yang Twins: Alley: The Return of The Ying Yang Twins
  17. Trapt: Trapt
  18. Disturbed: Believe
  19. Ja Rule: The Last Temptation
  20. Boyz II Men: Full Circle
  21. Outkast: Big Boi & Dr. Dre Present... Outkast
  22. Ice Cube: Greatest Hits
  23. Busta Rhymes: The Best of Busta Rhymes
  24. Will Smith: Greatest Hits

These are some of my favoite peoples.