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Pissed Off

This is a page dedicated to things that piss me off.

Here are just a few

1. When people copy me
2. When guys touch me
3. When people stop in front of me
4. Any team that isn't the Sacramento Kings
5. People that cancel my favorite shows.
6. When Sacramento's best player gets injured
7. Bandwidth
8. School
9. Crowds
10. Long Lines
11. People that ask questions
12. YOU!

Dallas Mavericks
Dallas Mavericks pisses me off!  They make one of the best players get injured, Chris Webber. Than they knock his team and mine out of the playoffs, Sacramento Kings.

School pisses me off! I probably should have said this when we were actually in school but i forgot. School is to early in the morning that i stupid who came up with that anyway. And the teachers alway expect you to read sh!t I hate that. And we only get 2 days off a week thank god for summer.

My favorite shows being canceled
My favorite shows being canceled pisses me off! Everytime I have a favorite show it gets cancled and I don't like it. It has happened way to many times and I think I am going to go insane. I don't even remember what most of the shows were but I know I liked them and they were canceled.

People that Copy Me
People that copy me piss me off! Why must people copy me all the time, am I really that cool? I mean jeese people I have had just about as much as I can take, my head is gonna exploed and you woudln't want that because if it did you would probably just copy me and die too. Enough with the copying please go do your own stuff.

People that try to Wreak Havoc on Me

People that try to wreak havoc on me piss me off! It pisses me off because the people that do it just do dumb stuff like nigger knock, which is old. If people want to wreak havoc they should think of something new. Andy Bricker and I dominate the havoc and we will get whoever is doing this stuff back. They really shouldn't mess with us because we will kill them.

Forgetting Stuff
When I forget stuff it pisses me off! I hate when I am about to do something, but I forget what I was going to do. Here is an example, I will go into the kitchen to get a drink but when I get in there I can't remember what I was going to do. So I will go back and sit diwn and start watching TV or something than I will remember, and I will have to get back up and go back to the kitchen. The was just an example it didn't really happen, but I hate that.


Commercials piss me off! I hate when I'm watching a show and there are a million commercials. Whenever commercials come on I usually change the channel, but I hate doing that becuase i will forget to change it back. Thats why I like HBO, there are no commercials. Sometimes they can be funny or whatever, but than the next time you see it they cut out the funny part to make the commercial shorter.

Waking Up Early
Waking up early pisses me off! If I have to wake up before Noon for any reason that is too early. I hate getting up early because than I have to go to bed early and that is imposible for me. The earliest I can go to bed for school or something is around midnight and even then it is still hard to fall asleep. I'm not a morning preson so waking up early sucks.

Spam pisses me off! I hate all those damn Spam and junk emails I keep getting. Every time I check my mail I have like 20 of them. I also hate the food Spam, but right now I'm talking about the Spam emails.

Crowds piss me off! I hate being around large groups of people exspecially if I don't know them. That is why I don't talk much at school and I don't eat. That is also why amusement parks suck exspecially when it is hot outside. Whenever I get around a lot of people I just get nervous and I don't feel like doing anything.

Long Lines
Long lines piss me off! Long lines and crowds kind of fit together because long lines are usually made up of a lot of people and a lot of people make a crowd. I hate standing in long lines that is another reason why I don't eat lunch at school. And also there are often long lines at amusement parks for everything including the bathrooms.

People that ask questions
People that ask questions piss me off! I hate when people I don't know come up to me and ask me what time it is or how to get somewhere. And I also hate people that ask me dumb questions like "did you get a hair cut" (is my hair shorter if so then I must have gotten it cut moron). Also I hate people that ask too many questions for example if someone ask me if I want a drink then I say yes, then they ask me what kind and I say something, then they ask if I want ice and I say no, then they ask me if i want it in a cup (JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN DRINK).

This stuff makes me mad and you don't wanna make me mad.
You are making me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.