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Here is a place where you can find my thoughts on Nintendo, news about new games, and reviews


Game Boy Advanced

Other Nintendo Systems I Own:
  1. Regular Nintendo
  2. Super Nintendo
  3. Game Boy
  4. Nintendo 64

I desided to make this portion of the site because everyone always says PS2 is better than GameCube, and i think that is BULL SH!T.

Here are some reasons GameCube is better.
1. All the good games that are on PS2 are also available on GameCube
2. GameCube has all the classic games like Mario, Metroid and Zelda
3. You can hook it up to the GameBoy Advanced on some games
4. GameCube has wireless controlers
5. You can buy a screen to hook up to the GameCube and play it anywhere
6. It's made by Nintendo
7. It is $50 cheaper

Reasons it is not better.
1. It doesn't play DVD's, but you can get a DVD player for like $50
A few more reasons GameCube is better.
1. It has a lot more exclusive games only available for GameCube
2. Game Boy player that you can hook to it to play Game Boy games on TV.
3. Nintendo has been around for 20 years and has more experience with making video games.
4. The controller design is much better, XBox's are too big and PS2 has too many buttons.
5. GameCube is available in 3 different colors.
6. It is more powerful than the PS2. Ps2 has slower processors and it's graphics are noticeably inferior to the GameCube's
7. Some people may think not having a DVD player is a good thing. Alright let me explain this if there was a DVD player people would be hoging the GameCube to watch there DVD's and you would have to wait to play your favorite games.
8. The GameCube is smaller and easier to take with you to a friends house or on vacation or where ever.

Game Boy Player
Nintendo's Game Boy Player is now available for $49.95. The device, which enables GameCube owners to play their Game Boy Advance titles on a television screen, is highly anticipated by a hardcore percentage of Nintendo fans. You can also play most regular Game Boy games and Game Boy Color games on the Game Boy Player. The Player hooks into the bottom of the GameCube and you slide the games into the front. This device is good because you can play multi-player Game Boy Advanced games with one person on the TV and one on the Game Boy Advanced if you have a link cable.

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