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You can find my favorite actors, movies, news about new movies, and all kind of stuff like that. Anything that has to do with movies will be on here you can count on that. Unless it is something I really don't care about.

Newest Movie I Saw

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
This is a good pirate movie and thats cool, but I don't like pirate movies. You would like it if you are in to that kind of stuff I personally would have waited for it to come out on DVD. I only saw it because my dad wanted to go and my brother was going with his girlfriend plus my cousin was in town from Texas and she was going to. I would have wather seen The League of Extraodinary Gentlemen but thats just me, thats how I roll. This movie was alright though, but not good enough to be the number one movie in the country.

Terminater 3: Rise of the Machines
I went and saw T3 and I think it was a great movie. I havn't seen the first 2 recently so it was a little hard to understand, but after a while I started to remember stuff. If you have never seen the first 2 or if you don't remember them I highly recommend watching them first. If you like seeing things blow up and a lot of action then this will be a great movie for you. Towards the beginning of the movie like 100 cars blow up and a couple buildings get destroyed and that is just the beginning.

New DVD's I got
Here I will tell you about the newest DVD I got so this part will probably be updated the most. HAHA!!
Shanghai Knights
This is one of the few sequels that you can easily say it is better then the first. I'm not sure what makes it so much better, I guess it's just because Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson are together a lot more in this one unlike the first one. I would still like to see Owen Wilson fight someone instead of running away all of the time, maybe they are just leaving that for the third one, you never know. This is posably the best Jackie Chan movie, for awhile anyway.

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