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Upcoming Movies

Here is where you can find information about movies that are coming in the next month or so.

Upcoming Movies
American Wedding
August 1st
Starring: Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, and the other guys
The group of best friends from their days back at East Great Falls High reunite for the next great sexual adventure in their lives... the wedding of Jim and Michelle, where Stifler finds himself falling for Michelle's "knockout" sister, Cadence. If there's a wedding, we can bet that Stifler will be instrumental in orchestrating the correlating social event... the bachelor party. The event is rushed because Jim's grandmother is possibly terminally ill, so the heat is on to plan the wedding in just two weeks.

Freddy Vs Jason
August 15th

Starring: Robert Englund, Ken Kirzinger
A group of teenagers finds themselves stuck in the middle of a battle between two forces of evil: silent stalker Jason Voorhees (Kerzinger) and gabby dream master Freddy Krueger (Englund), as the battle wages from Elm Street (the beginning of the film) to a climactic finale fought at Camp Crystal Lake.

August 22nd
Starring: Jack Black, Ben Stiller
Learn more here Jack Black

The Medallion
August 22nd
Starring: Jackie Chan
Get more infor here Jackie Chan

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star
September 5th
Starring: David Spade
For more info go here David Spade

Scary Movie 3
October 3rd
Anna Faris (Cindy Campbell), Charlie Sheen, Anthony Anderson, Pamela Anderson, Peter Boyle, George Carlin, Fat Joe, William Forsythe, Macy Gray, Eddie Griffin, Regina Hall (Brenda Meeks), Darrell Hammond, Ja Rule, Jenny McCarthy, Camryn Manheim, Leslie Nielsen, Jeremy Piven, Denise Richards, Simon Rex, Timothy Stack
This movie is just like the first 2 in that it spoofs all the current movies and it will probably just as dumb if not dumber because the Waynes Brothers aren't doing anything for this one. But they do have Kevin Smith so it could be cool.

Upcoming Movies