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This is where you can find news and pictures of the Kings.
You may notice that on my favorite Kings every player is on there that is bucause it is imposible for me to not like a King, but I do like some more then others.
The Kings home court is inside Arco Arena and it is one of the most entertaining arenas in sports.
It may not be updated much sence their season is over, but I might putsome important news on here.

1. Kings Eyeing Big Deal, B. Miller
In the SACRAMENTO BEE, Martin McNeal reports that "word around the league Tuesday was that the Kings were linked to a sign-and-trade possibility involving 27-year-old free-agent center Brad Miller, formerly of the Indiana
Pacers." If the sign-and-trade happens, Miller would fit into the Kings "mix as a more-than-suitable replacement/successor at the center spot for Vlade Divac."

2. Pacers Working Deal With Kings, Spurs
In the INDIANAPOLIS STAR, Mark Montieth reports that in a "three-team trade" that "will soon become reality," Indiana "will sign Brad Miller to a seven-year deal, then send him to Sacramento for Scot Pollard and Hedo Turkoglu." In turn, the Pacers "will ship Turkoglu along with Ron Mercer to San Antonio in a salary dump that will enable them to re-sign Reggie Miller and add another free agent or two." Indiana will also receive "Danny Ferry's nonguaranteed contract from the Spurs."

3. Spurs Close To Acquiring Turkoglu, Mercer
In the SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS, Glenn Rogers reports that the "Spurs are plugging potential holes in the dike with a trade that will bring in forward Hedo Turkoglu and guard Ron Mercer." In a three-team deal with the Pacers and Kings, "Indiana center Brad Miller travels to Sacramento, Sacramento backup center Scot Pollard travels to Indiana and the Spurs get Turkoglu from Sacramento and Mercer from Indiana," adds Rogers


Darius Songaila #?
The Sacramento Kings acquired the draft rights to forward-center Darius Songaila from the Boston Celtics in exchange for a pair of second-round draft picks, the No. 56 selection in this years draft and a second-round choice in 2005.

Q and A with Darius What was your reaction when you found out you were coming to the Kings?

Darius: "It was a very nice surprise, the best feeling of the summer so far." How do you think you'll fit in with the team?

Darius: "I hope I fit in. I dont think they would have traded for me if the coaches didnt think I would. I hope everything works out." Can you describe your game?

Darius: "Its a little bit of an outside and inside game. I can shoot from the outside but I also can score in the paint. I feel I'm versatile." How did playing four years of college hoops help you?

Darius: "I was a good experience. I learned a lot from the coaches and got used to the American style of play, which helped make me a better player. I think it will help me transition to the NBA." Do you know or have you played against any of the Europeans currently on the Kings?

Darius: "I dont know them personally yet, but Ive played against both Peja and Hedo in Europe when I was on the Lithuanian national team. I would say that Ive matched up against Hedo more, because we used to play in the Junior Nationals against Turkey." Did playing in Europe for a season help you?

Darius: "It was a good experience. It was my first year as a professional, and it was very different from college. I learned how the pros work, which really will make a difference I feel." Do you think you have an advantage because you are a little more mature (25) than most other rookies?

Darius: "I think Im pretty much the same as other four-year guys who came out of college, in that we have more experience as the 21-year-olds. I know how things work." Is it flattering to know that the Kings were interested in drafting you last year and went so far as to trade for you this season?

Darius: "It was very flattering. It proved that they really wanted me last year, and that they still wanted to get me this season. Everything came true that I hoped." What do you like to do in your free time?

Darius: "I love the outdoors. Hunting, hiking, fishinganything to do with being outside." What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

Darius: "I'm going to train for the next few weeks, then go back to Lithuania in August and September for the European Championships, where hopefully I might play Peja or Hedo."

The Maloof Brothers
Joe and Gavin Maloof are the owners of the Sacramento Kings and two awesome guys. They are billionaires and own just about anything you could want. Here are some things they own: hotel/casino, a beer company, a NBA team, and some other stuff. They are also trying to make a record company and they are making a reality show possibly for Showtime. They recently appeared on one of my favorite shows Jimmy Kimmle Live and it was sweet.

Sacramento Kings History

NBA Titles:

Retired Uniform Numbers:
(1) Nate Archibald
(6) (Sixth Man) Fans
(11) Bob Davies
(12) Maurice Stokes
(14) Oscar Robertson
(27) Jack Twyman
(44) Sam Lacey

Franchise History:
Rochester Royals 1948-57
Cincinnati Royals 1957-72
Kansas City-Omaha Kings 1972-75
Kansas City Kings 1975-85
Sacramento Kings 1985-?

Franchise Playoff History
Season    W   L   %
2002-03  59 23  .720
2001-02  61  21 .744
2000-01  55  27 .671
1999-00  44  38 .537
1998-99  27  23 .540
1997-98  27  55 .329
1996-97  34  48 .414      
1995-96  39  43 .476
1994-95  39  43 .476
1993-94  28  54 .341   
1992-93  25  57 .305   
1991-92  29  53 .354   
1990-91  25  57 .305   
1989-90  23  59 .280   
1988-89  27  55 .329   
1987-88  24  58 .293   
1986-87  29  53 .354   
1985-86  37  45 .451   
1984-85  31  51 .378   
1983-84  38  44 .463   
1982-83  45  37 .549   
1981-82  30  52 .366   
1980-81  40  42 .488   
1979-80  47  35 .573   
1978-79  48  34 .585   
1977-78  31  51 .378   
1976-77  40  42 .488   
1975-76  31  51 .378   
1974-75  44  38 .537   
1973-74  33  49 .402   
1972-73  36  46 .439   
1971-72  30  52 .366   
1970-71  33  49 .402   
1969-70  36  46 .439   
1968-69  41  41 .500   
1967-68  39  43 .476   
1966-67  39  42 .481   
1965-66  45  35 .563   
1964-65  48  32 .600   
1963-64  55  25 .688   
1962-63  42  38 .525   
1961-62  43  37 .538   
1960-61  33  46 .418   
1959-60  19  56 .253   
1958-59  19  53 .264   
1957-58  33  39 .458   
1956-57  31  41 .431   
1955-56  31  41 .431   
1954-55  29  43 .403   
1953-54  44  28 .611   
1952-53  44  26 .629   
1951-52  41  25 .621   
1950-51  41  27 .603   
1949-50  51  17 .750   
1948-49  45  15 .750

Kings Have Prominent Role In NBA History

The Sacramento Kings trace their roots all the way back to the birth of the NBA. In 1949 the franchise was one of 17 charter members of the new league that was created by the merger of the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League. Originally located in Rochester and known as the Royals, the club has also been known as the Cincinnati Royals, the Kansas City-Omaha Kings, and the Kansas City Kings. The franchise moved to Sacramento in 1985.

It has been a long road for the Kings. The team won a championship in 1951, but since then the franchise has mostly known frustration. Since the 1955-56 season the club has been a sporadic visitor to the playoffs. From 1968 to 1978 the Kings made only one postseason appearance. In 1995-96, the Kings reached the playoffs after a nine-year absence.

But the franchise has had its share of bright lights, too. The club's all-time roster boasts NBA greats Jack Twyman, Oscar Robertson, Jerry Lucas, Happy Hairston, and Nate "Tiny" Archibald. And Bob Cousy, Cotton Fitzsimmons, and Bill Russell have all put in time as head coach.

The franchise's glory years are now a distant memory. In the late 1940s and early 1950s the Rochester Royals ranked as one of the powerhouses of professional basketball. The franchise joined the National Basketball League in 1945 and promptly claimed the NBL crown. The Royals' roster included future coaching legend Red Holzman, pro quarterback Otto Graham, major league catcher Del Rice, and Chuck Connors, who would go on to greater fame as The Rifleman. The next season Rochester broke the NBL's color barrier by signing Dolly King.

Fun Facts - ARCO Arena by the Numbers


The cost to build ARCO Arena in 1988. The arena was built without taxpayer dollars

The arenas capacity for basketball games.

How many vehicles ARCO Arenas fully lighted parking lot will hold.

The number of full- and part-time employees at ARCO Arena during the basketball season.

We told you the hot dogs are good! ARCO Arena patrons consume over 170,000 hot dogs and buns each year.

The gallons of soda arena visitors buy each year to go with those 170,000 hot dogs and other great food selections at ARCO Arena.

The number of public toilets in ARCO Arena. In case youre wondering, that works out to about one for every 58 fans at a sold-out NBA game.

24 Hours
How long it takes to create an ice rink at ARCO Arena for ice shows and hockey. After arena employees flood the arenas concrete floor, three huge freezers chill the concrete and turn it into one big, flat ice tray. The finished ice is about three-quarters of an inch think, just right for slapshots and triple Axels.

Free Agents from the Kings
  1. Keon Clark
  2. Jim Jackson
  3. Mateen Cleaves
  4. Damon Jones
  5. Brent Price

Favorite Kings
(Click name for more info)

  1. Predrag "Peja" Stojakovic
  2. Chris Webber
  3. Bobby Jackson
  4. Doug Christie
  5. Mike Bibby
  6. Keon Clark
  7. Vlade Divac
  8. Jim Jackson
  9. Hidayet "Hedo" Turkoglu
  10. Scot Pollard
  11. Gerald Wallace
  12. Lawrence Funderburke
  13. Damon Jones
  14. Mateen Cleaves
  15. Brent Price
  16. Darius Songaila

Bobby Jackson #24

Selected by the Seattle SuperSonics in the first round (23rd pick overall) of the 1997 NBA Draft. Draft rights traded to the Denver Nuggets and then also traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Signed as a free agent by the Sacramento Kings on 8/1/00 where he has been a spark-plug on both ends of the court off the bench.

Doug Christie #13

Selected by the Seattle SuperSonics in the first round (17th pick overall) of the 1992 NBA Draft but never suited up for the Sonics and was traded to the L.A. Lakers on 2/22/93. After playing with the Lakers, New York Knicks and Toronto Raptors acquired in a trade by Sacramento before the 2000-01 season and has become a highly-regarded defensive guard.

Mike Bibby #10

A 6-1 point guard, Mike is the son of former NBA player and college coach Henry Bibby. Led Arizona to a national championship as a freshman and entered the draft following his sophomore year and was selected by the Vancouver Grizzlies second overall in the 1998 NBA Draft. Traded to the Sacramento Kings before the 2001-02 season, and was one of the main factors the Kings made it to the brink of the NBA Finals when it lost to the eventual champs Los Angeles Lakers in overtime of Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals. He hit big shot after big shot in that series and now considered one of the premier point guards in the league.

Keon Clark #7

Selected by the Orlando Magic in the first round (13th pick overall) of the 1998 NBA Draft, but his draft rights were traded to the Denver Nuggets on January 21, 1999. Traded by the Nuggets to the Toronto Raptors where he made his presence felt with his lanky body and long arms to become one of the league's best shot blockers. Signed as a free agent by the Sacramento Kings before the 2002-03 season.

Vlade Divac #21

A skilled shooter, passer, rebounder and shotblocker, Vlade Divac has become one of the most versatile centers in the NBA, playing seven solid seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers before moving to Charlotte and Sacramento and continuing his fine all-around play.

Jim Jackson #22

One of the most prolific scorers and gifted all-around players to enter the league in the 1990s, Jim Jackson joined with Jason Kidd and Jamal Mashburn to form the three Js, what was to be the talented young nucleus of the Dallas Mavericks. But by the middle of the 1996-97 season all three had been traded away, Jackson going to New Jersey. He would be traded twice more within the next year, first to Philadelphia and then on to Golden State before signing with Portland as a free agent. After one season with the Trail Blazers, he and Isaiah Rider were traded to Atlanta for Steve Smith and Ed Gray prior to the 1999-2000 season, a year in which he led the Hawks in scoring.

Hidayet "Hedo" Turkoglu #5

First Turkish-born player in NBA history . Enetred into the league as 6-8 slashing wing player but has since grown a couple of inches which will add more versatility to his game.

Scot Pollard #31

Selected by the Detroit Pistons in the first round (19th pick overall) of the 1997 NBA Draft. Signed as a free agent by the Sacramento Kings in February of 1999 and has brought the ablitiy to bang and rebound with the best power forwards and centers off the bench for the Kings.

Gerald Wallace #3

Selected after freshman season by the Sacramento Kings in the first round (25th overall) of he 2001 NBA Draft , Wallace bings a lot of athletic and jumping ability to the Kings.

Lawrence Funderburke #51

Drafted by the Sacramento Kings in 1994 after a solid career at Ohio State, Lawrence Funderburke spent three seasons honing his skills in Europe before joining the Kings.

Damon Jones #9

Played in 67 games with the Detroit Pistons averaging 16.2 minutes per game. Averaged 5. 1ppg and 2.1 apg while shooting .729 from the free throw line.

Mateen Cleaves #8

Point guard selected by Detroit Pistons in the first round (14th pick overall) of the 2000 NBA Draft after leading Michigan State to the 2000 NCAA Championship as. Traded by the Pistons to the Sacramento Kings on 9/7/01.

Brent Price #25

The younger brother of Mark Price (an All-Star for the Cleveland Cavaliers), Brent shares Mark's penchant for deadeye shooting.

Rick Adelman (College - Loyola Marymount '68)
John Wetzel (College - Virginia Tech '66)
Pete Carril (College - Lafayette '52)
Elston Turner (College - Mississippi '81)
Terry Porter (College - Wisconsin-Stevens Point '85) 
Al Biancani (College - Sacramento State '67)
Pete Youngman (College - Ithaca '86)

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