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Game Boy Advanced

Game Boy Advanced SP
This is the new red color.

This is where you can go to learn
all the Game Boy Advanced stuff
you ever wanted to know.

The GBA SP comes in four colors
including black, red, dark blue,
and platinum or you can get the
GBA in arctic, fuchsia, glacier,
and indigo.

Video On GBA

Two companies are planning to bring video entertainment to GBA this fall. Majesco's Game Boy Adavnce Videos Pak looks like a large Game Pak and holds 40 minutes of audio and full screen video. The Media Devices unit is a bit more complicated. After downloading a video program CD on your computer to an SD chip, you'll plug the SD chip into a Game Pak-like device in your GBA to play it back.

Game Boy Advanced Games Coming Soon
Mario & Luigi
Release Date: November 17, 2003
This is an RPG game I think like Super Mario RPG for SNES and Paper Mario, but in this one you control Mario and Luigi not just Mario (I wonder how the came up with the name)

Mario and Donkey Kong

Release Date: TBA
Mario and his original nemesis team up again in this Game Boy Advance action game. There is now news about this game, but there are many pictures of it.

Metroid: Zero Mission
Release Date: TBA
I heard that this is a remake of the original Metroid game for NES but it is just a rumor.

Reviews of Game Boy Advanced Games I own

WarioWare Inc. Mega Microgame$

I was correct this is a weird game, but it is still fun and addicting. It has the strangest 3 second mini games that you can think of and once you beat a certain amount there is a boss stage. The boss stage is basically just as strange as the mini games but you do not have a set time to beat it. There are also a bunch of game that are a bit longer than 3 seconds where you must answer a question. There are a bunch of different types of games such as sports and sci-fi, but my favorite would have to be classical. The classic mini games are just 3 second versions of sweet games like Metroid, Mario, and even Zelda. There are well over 200 mini games and some are better than others, but over all this is a good game. And the are some games that you can unlock such as Dr. Wario which is just like Dr. Mario, and many others.

Yoshi Island: Super Mario Advanced 3

This is a remake of the popular Super Nintendo game Yoshi Island: Super Mario World 2. This is a fun game and I enjoy playing it, but there is one leval I can't get past. There are many different worlds and each world has many levels and about two big bosses. In this game you play as Yoshi and you carry Mario on you back trying to reunite him with his brother, Luigi.

Metoid Fusion

This is a really fun game and it's basically just like all the other Metroid games, not including Metroid Prime, except with a different stoy. This time Samus gets infected by an X perisite, which almost kills her. Then she finds the antidote and she must destrore the X perisite before it hurts anyone else. The end guy is difficult, but I beat him so it is possible.

Wario Land 4

Wario Land 4 is like the other Wario games on Game Boy and I enjoyed playing it. Wario started out as a evil version of Mario, but he has sence evovled into just a fat, greedy, ugly guy. Wario games are always fun because even after you beat it you can continue to play because there are many secret thing to find. In this one you have to find a hidden CD in each level, I still haven't found them all so you know they are hidden pretty good.

Game and Watch Gallary 4

Game and Watch Gallary games are games with a collection of classic games. When I say classic I mean extremly old from the late 70's and early 80's. You can play the classic versions of the games or a newer version with Mario characters. And when you get high scores you can unlock new stuff.

Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land

This is the like other Kirby games and it was fun, but easy. I liked this game, but it could have been harder. I don't really have anything to say about this game so thats all I will say.

Game Boy Advanced