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DMX is a great rapper, but he also acts. Just get some information about him at this page.

DMX has made a few albums and now he is a great actor, too. He has been in movies like Romeo Must Die with Jet Li, Exit Wounds with Steven Seagal, and most resently Cradle 2 the Grave also with Jet Li. I havn't seen Cradle 2 the Grave yet, but the other two movies are good. Cradle 2 the Grave looks good and I want to get it when it comes out. His newest album is The Great Depression, but i havn't heard it yet. DMX is cool because that deep voice makes great music.


CD Track Listing:
1. Sometimes
2. School Street
3. Who We Be
4. Trina Moe
5. We Right Here
6. Bloodline Anthem
7. Shorty Was da Bomb
8. Damien III
9. When I'm Nothing
10. I Miss You
11. Number 11
12. Pull Up (skit)
13. I'ma Bang
14. Pull Out (skit)
15. You Could Be Blind
16. Prayer IV
17. Minute for Your Son

Top Five Songs
  1. Who We Be
  2. We Right Here
  3. Bloodline Anthem
  4. Shorty Was da Bomb
  5. I Miss You