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Dr. Dre
He did the music for Bad Boys II, but he is not on the Soundtrack or in the movie. He only did the music score for the movie. Now he is supposibley working on his final album. He has produced many albums from people such as Eminem, 50 Cent and even Ice Cube. Dr. Dre found Eminem many years ago and thats not bad. He was with Death Row Records for awhile, but he left that to make his on lable, Aftermath in 1996. His latest album is Dr. Dre 2001 released in 1999.


CD Track Listing
1. Lolo (Intro)
2. The Watcher
3. F*ck You
4. Still D.R.E.
5. Big Egos
6. Xxplosive
7. Whats the Difference
8. Bar One
9. Light Speed
10. Forgot About Dre
11. The Next Episode
12. Lets get High
13. Bitch Niggas
14. The Car Bomb
15. Murder Ink
16. Education
17. Some L.A. Niggas
18. Pause For Porno
19. Housewife
20. Ackrite
21. Bang-Bang
22. The Message

Top Five Songs
  1. Coming Soon

The Dr. is in.