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Here you can learn about the Foo Fighters because they are great.

Foo Fighters
If by the second Foo Fighters kick into "All My Life," the lead track on their brand new fourth album One By One, you don't realize you're listening to the new millennium model of world class rock band well then, you must have a defective copy or something. Dave Grohl is cool and he often works with Tenacious D. I think him and Jack Black are friends and stuff.


Dave Grohl (guitar/vocal)
Height: 6'0"
DOB: 01.14.69
POB: Warren, Ohio
Hometown: Alexandria, VA.

Nate Mendel (bass)
Height: A couple inches shy
DOB: 12.02.68
POB: Richland, Washington
Hometown: I didn't move until I was eighteen, to Seattle, thus killing two birds with one van ride: going to college, which was just a cover, in retrospect, for my other reason, which was joining friends from the other WA to form a band

Taylor Hawkins (drums)
Height: 5'11"
DOB: 02.16.72
POB: Dallas, TX
Hometown: Pilot Point, TX.

Chris Shiflett (guitar)
Height: 5'7"
DOB: 05.06.71
POB: Santa Barbara, CA...The land of milk & honey!
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA.


CD Track Listing:
1. All My Life
2. Low
3. Have it All
4. Time Like These
5. Disenchanted Lullaby
6. Tired Of You
7. Halo
8. Lonely As You
9. Overdrive
10. Burn Away
11. Come Back

Top Five Songs:
  1. All My Life
  2. Times Like These
  3. Low
  4. Have It All
  5. Overdrive

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