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Ben Stiller, find out about him here.


Some might say that writer/actor/director Ben Stiller's destiny was preordained: The son of comic actors Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, he almost literally has show business running through his veins. I saw Ben Stiller in Cable Guy, but I think the first time most people really noticed him was in There's Something About Mary. Born in New York City on November 30, 1965, Stiller was making films by the time he was ten.

  • Duplex (2003) 
  • Envy (2003) 
  • Orange County (2002) 
  • The Independent (2001) 
  • The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) 
  • Zoolander (2001) 
  • Black and White (2000) 
  • Keeping the Faith (2000) 
  • Meet the Parents (2000) 
  • Mystery Men (1999) 
  • The Suburbans (1999) 
  • Permanent Midnight (1998) 
  • Playing by Heart/Flirting With Disaster (1998) 
  • There's Something About Mary (1998) 
  • Your Friends & Neighbors (1998) 
  • Zero Effect (1998) 
  • The Cable Guy (1996) 
  • Flirting with Disaster (1996) 
  • If Lucy Fell (1996) 
  • Reality Bites (1993) 
  • Highway to Hell (1991) 
  • Next of Kin (1989) 
  • Fresh Horses (1988) 
  • Empire of the Sun (1987) 
  • Hot Pursuit (1987)

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Ben Stiller
Release Date: November 14th, 2003
Set in the competitive world of New York City real estate, a couple (Drew Barrymore and Stiller), whose dream home is a converted duplex apartment in the perfect neighborhood, decide to kill the sweet little old lady who's currently living there, or else they'll never get to buy it. (note: that last part may not be quite right... they may actually decide to kill her after they've already moved in.)

Also in Starsky and Hutch with Owen Wilson for more information go here Owen Wilson
And also he is in Envy with Jack Black for information on that go here Jack Black
He is also even working on a movie with Chris Rock called Madagascar for more information go here Chris Rock

Ben Stiller