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Spade is also a former cast member of SNL and he had a great TV show called Just Shoot Me. He has been in many movies including Tommy Boy, Lost & Found, and Joe Dirt. He also lent his voice in The Rugrat Movie and The Emperors New Groove. He started his carrer in Arizona as a stand-up comic. Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star is his newest movie coming to theaters this September. I will put information about this movie on the page later.


  • Joe Dirt  (2001)
  • The Emperor's New Groove  (2000)
  • Lost & Found  (1999)
  • Senseless  (1998)
  • 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag  (1997)
  • Black Sheep  (1996)
  • Tommy Boy  (1995)
  • Mong E LóIde  (1995)
  • P.C.U.  (1994) 
  • Uma Universidade Muito Animal  (1994)
  • Coneheads  (1993)
  • Light Sleeper  (1992)

Next Movie(s)

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star
Starring: David Spade

Release Date: September 5th, 2003

A comedy about a TV child star of the '70s, Dickie Roberts (Spade) is now 35 and parking cars. Craving to regain the spotlight, he auditions for a role of a normal guy, but the director quickly sees he is anything but normal. Desperate to win the part, Dickie hires a family to help him replay his childhood and assume the identity of an average, everyday kid.

Puka Pete
Starring: David Spade
Release Date: Unknown
A hippie, Puka Pete (Spade) is shipwrecked in the 1960's while listening to whales, and now, over 30 years later, comes back to society to find a girl, settle down, etc. His journey home starts when the love letters he sends out in bottles actually get replies back from interested women. He's also got the problem caused by being away from society for 30 years: he's got no immune system (possibly explaining the title?).

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