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Here you find out my favorite reality shows and read my thoughts on them.

Reality Sucks

I have noticed a lot of really dumb reality shows on TV now a days and they all suck. Those damn Bachelor shows and Survivor, they are all dumb. The only reality shows I like are The Mole because that is cool, Last Comic Standing, and I like the new I'm With Busey show on Comedy Central. But I'm With Busey is cool because people don't get kicked off and nobody wins anything, it's just a funny show with no script. The Osbournes were cool at first, but I think that show got old.

Celebrity Mole 2


There is going to be another season of Celebrity Mole, but in a different location and with some different celebrities. Ahmad Rashad will once again be the host. This time around they are in Yucatan, Mexico. The celebrities this time are Ananda Lewis, Mark Curry, Angie Everhart, Tracy Gold, Keisha Knight-Pulliam and Dennis Rodman. And returning from Celebrity Mole Hawaii is Stephen Baldwin and Corbin Bernsen who hope to avenge their early executions (see why I said some earlier). The series will most likely air later this year. I wonder if they are ever going to do a Mole with real people again. This is actually the 4th Mole, but only the second one with celebrities. It will most likely be call Celebrity Mole Yucatan seeing as how the previous on was Celebrity Mole Hawaii.

  1. Stephen Baldwin - from "Bio-Dome"
  2. Dennis Rodman - from the NBA (The Bulls)
  3. Mark Curry - from "Hangin With Mr. Cooper"
  4. Corbin Bernsen - from "LA Law"
  5. Keisha Knight-Pulliam - from "The Cosby Show"
  6. Angie Everhart - I don't know
  7. Tracy Gold - I don't know
  8. Ananda Lewis - I don't know

Last Comic Standing

This is a new reality show hosted by Jay Mohr on NBC. On this show 20 comics are narrowed down to 10 and the 10 comics live in a house together until only one remains. They are competing for the ultimate prize-an exclusive talent contract with NBC. Every week the contestants must vote for the perosn they think they are funnier than and whoever gets the most votes must compete against one person that voted for them and whoever is funnier gets to stay. And the contestants get a chance to be excempt from the voting by winning certain stuff. Ralphie May is the funniest guy on the show and I want him to win. He was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live one time and that was the first thing I ever heard of him, but he is great. He is the fat one if you were wondering. He got 85% of the votes last time he was challenged and got to stay in the house.


  1. Ralphie May
  2. Rich Vos
  3. Tess Drake
  4. Cory Kahaney  
  5. Dat Phan
  6. Geoff Brown - Gone
  7. Dave Modal - Gone
  8. Rob Cantrell - Gone
  9. Tere Joyce - Gone
  10. Sean Kent - Gone

I'm With Busey

This a funny show on Comedy Central on Tuesday nights at 9:00 the same time as Last Comic Standing, I wonder which one I will watch. This show features Adam de la Pena and Gary Busey. Adam follows around Busey, his mentor, to learn life lessons, but Gary Busey is crazy.

Adam de la Pena

Adam de la Pena has always been an admirer of Gary Busey. At a young age, Adam watched "Silver Bullet" and immediately became a fan. His dreams came true when he approached Gary about doing a reality show in which Adam would follow his mentor and learn life lessons from the unpredictable Gary Busey. Busey agreed and that was just the beginning of their unusual journey.
An Orange County native, 26-year-old Adam de la Pena is an actor and professional magician who put himself through college while performing magic on the street. He got his first break writing on "The Man Show" and later "Crank Yankers" for Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla and Daniel Kellison. This led to a development deal with COMEDY CENTRAL where he created, produced and starred in a pilot game show, "Pop Culture," and went on to develop "I'm With Busey." Adam continues to perform regularly with his sketch troop "The Special Agents," when he can hitch a ride, because he doesn't drive and has no intention on learning.
A native of southern California, de la Pena currently resides in Los Angeles.

Gary Busey

Gary Busey began his illustrious career in show business as a drummer, bringing his band to Los Angeles where they met the Doors and the Byrds and recorded an album with CBS/Epic Records.
After acclaimed stints on TV's "Gunsmoke and Bonanza" , Busey went onto to score an Academy Award nomination for the title roll in "The Buddy Holly Story"(1978), then starred in such films as "Carny" (1980), the well received "Barbarosa" (1982), "Silver Bullet" (1985) and "D.C. Cab" (1983). He also appeared in "The Bear" (1984), "Insignificance" (1985), and in the blockbuster hit "Lethal Weapon" (1987).
Busey's film career continued to flourish in the 90's as he starred in such movies as "Predator 2" (1990), "Point Break" (1991), "Hider in House" (1991), "Under Siege" (1992), "Rookie of The Year" (1993), "Lost Highway" (1997), and "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas" (1998). Busey also lends his voice to the best-selling video game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Busey currently resides in Malibu, California.

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