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This is a page for GameCube reviews and previews and all the stuff about GameCube.

The GC comes in three different colors including black, indigo, and now platinum.

Game Boy Advance

GameCube Game Release Dates

Date Game Title Publisher Genre
5-Apr-04 Wario Ware Inc. Mega Party Game$ Nintendo Party
3-May-04 Shrek 2: The Game TDK Mediactive Adventure
11-May-04 Mega Man Anniversary Collection Capcom Action
7-Jun-04 The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Nintendo Action
10-Jun-04 StarCraft: Ghost Blizzard Shooter
15-Jun-04 Mega Man X: Command Mission Capcom Action
28-Jun-04 Spiderman 2 Activision Action
15-Jul-04 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 Ubisoft Shooter
15-Jul-04 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Ubisoft Action
1-Aug-04 Pikmin 2 Nintendo Strategy
?-Sep-04 Donkey Konga Nintendo Music
15-Oct-04 X-Men: Legends Activision Action
10-Nov-04 The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Electronic Arts Action
TBA 2004 Star Fox 2 Nintendo Shooter
TBA 2004 Geist Nintendo Shooter
TBA 2004 Mario 128 Nintendo Action
TBA 2004 Mario Tennis Nintendo Sports
TBA 2004 Mario Party 6 Nintendo Party
TBA 2004 Metroid Prime 2 Nintendo Action
TBA 2004 Super Monkey Ball 3 Sega Puzzle
TBA 2004 The Legend of Zelda GCN 2 Nintendo Action
TBA 2004 Hulk 2 Vivendi Universal Action
TBA 2004 Iron Man Activision Action
TBA 2004 Marionette Nintendo Other
TBA 2004 Paper Mario 2 Nintendo RPG
TBA 2004 The Fantastic Four Activision Action
TBA 2005 TimeSplitters 3 Electronic Arts Shooter

GameCube Games I Want
Coming Soon:
  1. Mario Tennis
  2. Paper Mario 2
  3. Goldeneye 2 
  4. Super Monkey Ball 3
  5. TimeSplitters 3
  6. Star Fox 2
  7. Prince of Persia 2
  8. SpyHunter 2
  9. Vewtiful Joe 2
  10. Geist
  11. Metroid Prime 2
  12. Prince of Persia 2
  13. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  14. Pikmin 2
  15. StarCraft: Ghost
  16. Duke Nukem Forever
  17. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
  18. Burnout 3

Now Available:

  1. James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing
  2. WarioWare Inc.: Mega Party Games
  3. True Crime: Streets of LA
  4. NBA Live 2004
  5. Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
  6. NBA Street Vol. 2
  7. Simpsons Hit and Run
  8. Veiwtiful Joe
  9. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
  10. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes
  11. Worms 3D
  12. Serious Sam: Next Encounter
  13. Bomberman Jetters
  14. Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy
  15. Freedom Fighters
  16. NBA Street
  17. Super Monkey Ball 2
  18. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
  19. TimeSplitters 2
  20. Animal Crossing
  21. Bomberman Generation
  22. Luigi's Mansion
  23. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
  24. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

GameCube Games I Should Rent

  1. I-Ninja
  2. Dead to Rights
  3. Red Faction II
  4. Pitfall
  5. Samurai Jack
  6. XIII
  7. Roadkill
  8. Enter the Matrix
  9. Tak and the Power of Juju
  10. Kirby Air Ride

GameCube Games Coming Soon

Pikmin 2

Release Date: Q2 2004
Nintendo has released some information on Pikmin 2, which was announced for the GameCube earlier this year. The game will see you alternately controlling the Olimar character from the first game and his as-yet-unnamed assistant. The game will also feature a split-screen two-player cooperative mode. It's also been revealed that Pikmin 2 will feature no less than 60 different species of enemies--a dramatic increase from the original game--and that the longevity of the game will be improved greatly through the inclusion of randomly generated dungeons for you to play through. Pikmin 2 will do away with the time limits of the first game and will introduce new colors of Pikmin.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Release date: Fall 2004
After succeeding with the hack-'n-slash action of the first two Lord of the Ring games, EA looks to try something a little different this year with an all-encapsulating Trilogy game. The publisher has not yet officially announced this project (unless you count the teaser to 'Look forward to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy' at the end of Return of the King game), but from what we know, the title offers more RPG elements than before, and since it's not tied to the movies like the first two there will hopefully be all new enemies and areas from less-explored Middle-earth locations. You can expect the same high production values for this anticipated follow-up to one of the year's most successful movie-to-videogame translations.

Paper Mario 2

Release Date: TBA 2004 (Japan)

Like the 2001 original, Paper Mario 2 will take the form of an action-heavy RPG. Battles will be menu based with action elements. The game also seems to continue with the original's style of flat 2D characters moving around on 3D backgrounds. In this sequel, flat Mario will be able to turn into a paper airplane and move around.


Since reporting yesterday that Mario and friends would be returning to the RPG scene in the form of Mario Story 2 (Paper Mario in America), new details have come our way. Much of what's been revealed should be familiar to those who played through the original Nintendo 64 title, but those unfamiliar with that game should pay attention.


As mentioned in yesterday's update, battles in Paper Mario 2 will feature action elements while still remaining turn-based. You select commands from a command ring atop your characters' heads, examples of commands being jump and make use of a hammer. The action begins following this. In the case of jump, you have to press the A button at the right time in order to execute the command successfully. In the case of the hammer, you have to hold left on the analogue stick, switching it to the right at the proper time in order to strike at the enemy.


There is some strategy included as well. From the command ring, you can set your characters' battle strategy. Specifics on strategy options have yet to be revealed.


Outside of battles, Paper Mario 2 is set to feature lots of mini games. Three mini games have been revealed so far. One involves a quiz show in which Mario must answer questions posed by the giant blocks featured in Mario action games. Two other mini games have been revealed, although minus specifics as to how they play. One appears to feature the player in control of Princess Peach, something that was featured in the original. Another looks like a version of Super Mario Brothers except with players controlling a giant Koopa.


Throughout their adventure, Mario and friends will find help in a few items and places. As with most RPGs, you can heal your party at an inn and purchase items at a shop. As currency, the game makes use of coins that you collect by defeating enemies. There's also a Badge Shop, where you acquire badges that, when set, give Mario special abilities in battle. While actually moving about through fields and towns, you'll encounter save blocks marked with an "S." Jump-punching these will allow you to save your game.


Less is known about the game's story line. The original game had you rescue Princess Peach and recover the Star Wand from Koopa. This time, aside from the presence of a mysterious door that's been sealed for 1000 years, little is known about the game's storyline. It is known, however, that many characters from the Mario world will make an appearance. This includes some giant enemy characters -- even bigger than the enemies featured in the original.


The developers at Intelligent Systems offered a very tantalizing bit about the game in comments to Japan's Famitsu magazine. It was stated that you can expect the flat, stylized graphics that made the original famous to play a strong role this time around in terms of both story progression and in how you solve puzzles.

We wait, with you, for further clarification.

Goldeneye 2

Publishing giant Electronic Arts today officially announced the first details of Goldeneye 2 (which we reported on two days ago), a game in which players will experience Bond like never before -- as a evil, drop-out 00 agent.


Gamers take on the role of an agent who's dismissed from MI6 for reckless brutality, and who then subsequently joins the ranks of the criminal underground. Joining up with super-villain Auric Goldenfinger, players battle for control of the world's greatest criminal organization.


After patting EA on the back for its high critical marks for the recently released James Bond Everything or Nothing, John Riccitiello, EA's president and COO, said, "And we're not done yet -- today we're announcing that we are developing GoldenEye 2 (working title), a game where players become the ultimate villain in the Bond universe."


Under development by EA LA, Goldeneye 2 will appear on multiple consoles (no specific ones were revealed, but we suspect GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox), and is due this holiday season under the EA GAMES label.


"Everything or Nothing's success continues to showcase the enormous strength of our collaborative relationship with EA and Danjaq," added Travis Rutherford, senior vice president of MGM Consumer Products and Interactive. "We look forward to continued success with this fall's release of a new chapter in the Bond saga and the creation of another blockbuster franchise in GoldenEye 2."


Expect to learn more about Goldeneye 2 around E3.

SpyHunter 2

Release Date: TBA 2004
You will once again assume the role of Alec Sects, still fighting the evil forces of Nostra via your technologically advanced Interceptor. Now, however, Alec will have a partner in a sexy female agent whose background is shrouded in mystery. With the aid of this enigmatic agent and Leonie 2.0, an upgraded version of the Interceptors online computer, you will take on Nostras forces in fast-paced, action-packed driving combat.
SpyHunter 2 will feature a brand-new G-8155 Interceptor, complete with upgraded transformations, snow and off-road capabilities, and a new advanced weapon and equipment system that allows you to customize the vehicle with weaponry to suit your personal style of play. New, upgradable weapons for the game will include an auto-tracking turret, smoke screens, oil slicks, land mines, and an indestructible armored shield. More than 16 levels will be included in SpyHunter 2, spread out through four massive, interactive regions with multiple available paths, allowing you to play through missions however you want. Four giant, end-of-mission boss battles will come at the end of each region, including eight all-new enemies that require you to use strategy and innovation in addition to firepower and speed.

StarCraft: Ghost

Release Date: TBA 2004
It's StarCraft meets Splinter Cell -- how can you not be excited? Ghost situates you in the futuristic StarCraft universe as -- you guessed it -- a ghost, or a stealthy assassin employed by the Dominion. In this case, the Zerg Slayer happens to be a voluptuous heroine character named Nova who's easy on the eyes. But this doesn't mean she can't get the job done. Using a combination of stealth techniques, deadly weapons and the abilities to call down attacks from her allies, the pretty heroine is out to destroy anything and everything in her path. Developer Nihilistic has from what we can tell created a very detailed, realistic version of the StarCraft battlefield in full 3D with a third-person perspective. There is every reason to be excited about this game, which will ship for GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox this June.

Viewtiful Joe 2

Release Date: Scheduled for a release later this year.
According to the Hong Kong-based publication Game Watch, Capcom Entertainment is underway with a full-blown sequel to its hits GameCube action-brawler Viewtiful Joe. The title, simply dubbed Viewtiful Joe 2, is slated for release on GameCube before the end of the year, if the magazine's report is to be believed.


Import site Play Asia translated more information about the project from Game Watch's write-up. The article stated that though Joe will once again be the main character, players will also be able to combat enemies with his girlfriend Silvia. The female character can carry two cheerleader-like pom-poms. The duo may be able to fight together as a team. Meanwhile, the magazine reported that the title will sport a similar visual style to the original game.


Game Watch also wrote that Viewtiful Joe 2 would be shown in some form at the forthcoming Electronics Entertainment Expo 2004, which kicks off in Los Angeles this May.


It should be noted that Game Watch does not attribute any source for its information.


IGNcube contacted Capcom USA for comment. "Capcom has not made any announcements regarding a Viewtiful Joe 2 game," a spokesperson for the company said.

TimeSplitters 3

Release Date: TBA 2005
Publisher Electronic Arts today and that it has teamed with developer Free Radical Design to bring players the next installment in the acclaimed TimeSplitters franchise. TimeSplitters 3 will be published by EA next year for current-generation consoles.

The original TimeSplitters, a first-person shooter from ex-members of Rare's GoldenEye team, was released four years ago for PlayStation 2 and earned high marks from critics across the board. The sequel,
TimeSplitters 2, shipped in late 2002 for GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox, an earned an impressive 9.1
rating and an Editors' Choice Award by the IGN team. The title's intuitive dual-stick control mechanics, arcade-fast play speed and excellent multiplayer mode cemented it as one of the best FPS offerings on all three platforms.

TimeSplitters 1 and 2, which were both published by Eidos Interactive, have sold a combined two million units across the globe.

The next chapter in the franchise will, according to EA, feature improved gameplay functions, completely revamped graphics, a wholly original storyline and all-new online play.

"Free Radical has proven itself as a world-class studio by delivering consistently beautiful, exciting and incredibly fun games," said Frank Sagnier, vice-president Electronic Arts Partners in Europe. "We are thrilled to be working with Free Radical and to be adding a new title to our growing catalogue of externally developed games."

"Choosing EA Partners as our publishing partner represents a big breakthrough for Free Radical," said Steve Ellis, chairman of Free Radical Design. "We're already working hard on the next game, and hope that, with the help of EA Partners, we can reach many new players all over the world."

Today's news come hot on the heels of EA's announcement yesterday that it had bought the rights to publish the anticipated racing sequel
Burnout 3
, another franchise formerly distributed by a competing third-party. This could be the beginning of a trend.

A is expected to reveal more on TimeSplitters 3 in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned to IGN for details.

StarFox 2

Release Date: TBA
Star Fox  has been around a few years now and his last game was good so I will probably get this one. In this one you can play with up to four people which is different and I see it as an improvement. Rare used to make the Star Fox games but since Microsoft bought Rare I don't know who made this one.

Prince of Persia Sequel


Release Date: TBA

Buried deep within its third quarter financial results, Ubisoft revealed that because of the strong success of Prince of Persia across all platforms in various regions, it has already begun the development of a sequel. While no details other than that were discovered in the release, we did call Ubisoft ourselves for an additional comment. Unfortunately Ubisoft had no official statement regarding the announcement other than what was revealed in the financial results.


A strong contender for 2003 Game of the Year and the winner of several awards across multiple platforms by IGN and other publications, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was one of last season's most acclaimed pieces of software (and a personal favorite among several members of the IGN staff). You can bet your bottom rupee that we'll be back with more on Sands of Time 2 as soon it becomes available.


Release Date: TBA
In the game, you'll assume the role of a ghost with the ability to possess other characters by virtually entering their bodies. The gameplay will purportedly be a combination of both stealth and action, although more specific information has not been released at this time. The footage of the game we were shown at the conference saw the player floating around invisibly before taking control of a female character and then attempting to make it past a security guard.

Metroid Prime 2

Release Date: TBA
Metroid games are usually pretty good, and GameCube ones aren't bad. I have the first one and it is pretty good so I might get this one when the price drops a little bit.

Rumor: Metroid Prime 2 to feature enhanced multiplayer mode.
The hotly anticipated sequel to the first-person adventure Metroid Prime is well underway by Retro Studios and is expected to be shown in updated form at May's Electronics Entertainment Expo 2004. According to two separate sources close to Nintendo, the title will this time around include not only a deep single-player experience but a full-blown multiplayer one, too.

Insiders were unable to provide IGNcube with any concrete details regarding the mode, except to say that it has been part of the design spec for the game since the original was released. It is not known if the addition will include support for two or four-player split-screen battles.

One source speculated that players might be able to assume the roles of Samus or a Metroid in the multiplayer mode.

IGNcube has been unable to validate any of these allegations by another party.

The media has half-heartedly speculated that Metroid Prime 2 might include a multiplayer mode ever since the game was revealed to be in development at last year's E3, but only with these recent allegations have credible sources really opened up the possibility for consideration.

Metroid Prime 2 stars space bounter hunter Samus Aran on an all-new mysterious mission dealing with Space Pirates and alien entities. The title will -- like its predecessor -- feature a first-person perspective and third-person morphball elements. Sources have previously indicated that the game will feature more third-person contributions than the first GameCube offering.

GameCube Games Now Available

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing
I have just about every James Bond game and I'm thinking I will have this one too. This one is a little different because it's not in first person anymore which means you can actually James Bond's whole body. I don't know if that will be better or not we will all just have to wait and find out.
WarioWare Inc.: Mega Party Game$
This is basically a GameCube version of WarioWare Inc.: Mega Micro Game$ for Game Boy Advance that packs in plenty of minigames and adds more multiplayer action to the mix.
True Crime: Streets of LA
True Crime takes place in a 240-square-mile re-creation of LA. It kind of looks like Grand Theft Auto becuase you can drive or walk, shoot, and fight. There are also missions you can do or you can just drive around exploring the city and looking for random crimes. I think this game will be cool and better than GTA. It will be released on GameCube, XBox, and PS2.

NBA Live 2004
Step up your game with NBA LIVE 2004. With brand-new 10-Man Freestyle, authentic gameplay, and stunning graphics, NBA LIVE 2004 delivers the definitive basketball experience. Whether running the point with one-button Quick Plays, spinning free in the lane for a vicious dunk, or locking down on "D", our revamped EA SPORTS Freestyle Controller puts you in total control. With a dramatically enhanced Dynasty Mode, the ability to take the court at all NBA arenas, and all-new commentary from Marv Albert and Mike Fratello, NBA LIVE 2004 is all about authenticity.

  • Enhanced EA SPORTS Freestyle Control
    Express your game with new Freestyle shooting, signature moves, mid-air shot adjustments, and more. A complete revolution in the way the game is played.
    10-Man Freestyle
  • Control players without the ball anywhere on the court with Off Ball Play, or play the point and run team-specific sets with a single button.
  • Build a Powerhouse Dynasty
    Recruit free agents, import top college players, and build your team into a perennial powerhouse in all-new Dynasty Mode.
    New EA SPORTS Bio
  • Unlock special rewards in NBA LIVE 2004 by playing multiple titles including Madden NFL 2004, NCAAź Football 2004, NASCAR Thunder 2004, and more.
  • New All-Star Announcer Team
    Hall of Fame announcer, Marv Albert and Mike "The Czar" Fratello provide the most authentic play-by-play commentary available.
    Play It LIVE
  • Exclusive EA SPORTS Trax from Outkast, Jermaine Dupri, Sean Paul, Chingy, Freeway, Black Eyed Peas.

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
You'll take the role of Glitch, a robot on a mission to save his planet from the evil General Corrosive. As is usually the case in these types of situations, Glitch is flying solo on his noble quest. General Corrosive, on the other hand, is not. In keeping with the standard villain's modus operandi, Corrosive is making use of a varied and deadly assortment of robotic muscle. However, Swingin' Ape hasn't left its new mascot out to dry: Glitch isn't exactly a pushover, thanks to a small arsenal of weapons and some unique abilities. He will be able to collect two sets of weapons, one for each hand, that will pack a considerable punch. In his left hand he'll primarily hold explosives from the grenade family, which range from standard grenades to much more powerful EMP-enhanced explosives. His left hand will also hold some general enhancement items, such as a sniper scope that you'll be able to use with certain weapons. Glitch's right hand will hold a broad range of firearms--ranging from basic pistols to spinning saw blades to rocket launchers--and special gadgets that will be key to success in the game. While all the firepower is obviously an asset in the war against Corrosive's forces, sometimes you'll have to rely on Glitch's gadgetry to deal with your foes. The most useful gadget we've come across so far is the control tether, which is a handy little device that lets you take control of any unsuspecting robot you find in the game. Once you're in control you can use your helpless subject to scout ahead or take out some of his comrades. This is especially nice when you take control of a massive mech that's armed to the teeth. The only catch to possession is that you'll only be able to use your minion within a set range. The farther it gets from where Glitch is, the weaker the carrier signal gets. Once the robot reaches a certain distance you'll lose the signal, and the robot will regain its free will.

NBA Street Vol. 2
What's new in 2!

  • 25 NBA Legends
    Challenge the best players of all time featuring their original, old-school game jerseys and player-specific signature moves
  • 3 Different Modes to Choose From
    Pick-Up Game, NBA Challenge, Be a Legend
  • My Rules
    Customize how YOU want to play the game
  • Multiplayer
    Play against the CPU, friends or team up against the best players in the world (1-4 players)
  • Off the HEEZAY
    Make your opponent look like a chump by passing the ball off his head!
  • Back 2 Papa
    Pass the ball off the backboard to yourself or a teammate for the alley-oop
  • Be the oop!
    Pass the ball to another player, retaining control of the player without the ball. You can use the option to alley-oop the ball to yourself.
  • Second Level Gamebreaker
    School your opponent big time with the show-stopping Second Level Gamebreaker. You also have the option to pocket Gamebreakers for use later in the game
  • The Country's Best Courts
    Seven authentic urban worlds that re-create the feel and grit of the true street game
  • Spectacular New Animations
    Over 500 new animations. New 360-degree rendering allows for an infinite number of camera angles

The Simpsons: Hit & Run
This is a missoin-based driving game based on The Simpsons. The game will mostly feature driving missions, but players will also be required to complete some on-foot missions as Homer, Bart, Apu, Marge, or Lisa. The game will feature 17 different drivers as well as more than 40 vehicles.

Viewtiful Joe
The game's premise puts you in the role of an average Joe out to awaken his inner strength in a loopy Hollywood-style movie. Joe is rewarded with the ability to become Viewtiful Joe, a helmeted superhero who can use special powers to take on enemies. The goal is to go through levels, defeating enemies and collecting "viewtiful points" that will go toward increasing your powers. Joe's powers are essentially visual effects that he can use to affect time and initiate a variety of combos on his foes. The catch is that you're limited in the use of these powers by an onscreen meter that will turn you back into normal Joe if you exhaust it by using the powers too much. Fortunately, the bar replenishes itself fairly quickly, and you'll be able to increase the size of the bar by collecting points as you go through the game. This is a side-scrolling game but it looks rather fun.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time will see players assuming the role of the titular prince, who, after his father invades the palace of the maharajah, is tricked into using a magic dagger to release the dangerous "sands of time" from an ornate hourglass. With the aid of a mysterious and not altogether trustworthy ally, players will be charged with recapturing the sands of time and restoring peace to the land.

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
Nintendo second-party developer Silicon Knights is working on developing a remake of Konami's classic PlayStation game, Metal Gear Solid, and it appears to remain pretty faithful to the original. Graphically, the game looks quite a bit cleaner than the original PlayStation version, putting it closer to the level of Metal Gear Solid 2.
The game controls quite well, and the GameCube controller is definitely up to the task of a Metal Gear Solid Game. You'll toggle your weapon and inventory on and off with light presses of the triggers. Pulling them all the way in lets you select new items for use. The Z trigger brings you into first-person mode. The game has a few added gameplay features taken from Metal Gear Solid 2. For instance, you can pick up and drag bodies once you've knocked a soldier out, and picking up and dropping them causes them to occasionally drop items, like rations and ammo. The codec sequences are full of fantastic voice work, and the sequences have even been lightly updated to account for the GameCube version's slightly different control. For example, the colonel tells you that you have to hit Start and A simultaneously to bring up the codec screen.

Worms 3D
Ever played Worms? How about Worms 2? Perhaps you're an expert at Worms Armageddon or Worms World Party? No? never fear, here's a quick summary of what you've been missing ::

  • Teams of worms, dukin' it out for victory. The team with the last worms standing is the winner. Simple, yet addictive.
  • A bizarre collection of ludicrously destructive weapons :: feel the earth move with the mighty earthquake, or call destruction from the skies with an air-strike!
  • Combat across either custom-created landscapes, or randomly-generated terrain. With millions of permutations, the combat never gets predictable.
  • Customizable teams :: from their names to what they say, and even the fanfare that plays when they win!
  • Incredible multiplayer action :: play with your friends around the same console or PC. Up to 4 players sharing on the same machine.
  • Truly Worldwide Internet gaming. Either from your office or the comfort of your own home, compete with other wormers anywhere in the world.
  • A massive online following, with planned leagues, ladder games, forums and gaming rooms for players of all skill levels.
    PC Editor allows the player to create their own playing environments.
  • Quite literally more game options than you could shake a stick at :: plus the ability to try random combinations of modes with 'Wormpot'!
  • Turn-based action like you've never seen.

So what's new? While maintaining the core game-play, the addition of an extra dimension and the chance to reassess the game and redesign, allows for some great new features ::

  • All new missions, play modes, 'Wormpot' modes, training, and challenge modes. All new challenges and all new game structure.
  • A more immersive single player experience based on unlocking challenges, secret missions, sound sets and landscapes.
  • A choice of camera modes :: 1st person to look around, and blimp view for a strategic overview of the situation.
  • Environmental conditions such as rain, snow, night and day add to the strategic decisions facing the players.
  • Randomly-generated, and fully deformable landscape, all in true 3D.
  • The inclusion of the 'Wormopedia' and the gallery allow the player to peruse their achievements and view the story behind some of the 'Worms' legends.
  • All new artificial intelligence, sound effects, music, interface, and much, much more.

Bomberman Jetters
The Hige Hige Bandits are planning to crash the artificial comet Dark Star into Planet Bomber, and Bomberman has to destroy the Dark Star's four engines before it's too late.

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy
The game will see players alternately assuming control of the titular character Sphinx and the mummified King Tut known simply as Mummy. At the start of the game, Sphinx and Mummy have no connection with each other, save for the fact that in the opening cutscene Sphinx witnesses Mummy's capture. When playing as Mummy, the locales in the game will be confined to the interior of the prison fortress he is incarcerated in--locations that Sphinx will also visit after he completes the colorful outdoor levels and the two characters' storylines begin to converge. Sphinx and Mummy have very different abilities for players to master as they progress through the game, the most interesting of which is Sphinx's metamorphosis into a winged lion for levels that involve chases or aerial combat. Sphinx's largely action-based levels will account for around 70 percent of the gameplay, while the other 30 percent will see players solving a series of increasingly masochistic puzzles as Mummy attempts to escape from his captors.

Freedom Fighters
With fierce conflict unfolding in the streets of America, its your patriotic duty to fight back. Take on the role of Christopher Stone, and evolve from an average New Yorker into a fearless patriot who recruits and leads an army of freedom fighters in the streets of New York City. Freedom Fighters combines the depth of a squad-based game with the intensity of an action-packed war game, all of which unfolds in the streets, subways, and buildings of the ultimate urban battleground.

NBA Street
This is more than just basketball -- it's life on the asphalt. Take to the Street and show everyone what kind of game you've got. Own the courts against dozens of NBA stars and six of the toughest street ballers around. If you've got what it takes to hold court against these guys, then you'll love life on the Street!

Super Monkey Ball 2
AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, and GonGon are on a roll -- again! Super Monkey Ball 2 brings the party to a whole new level with six brand new party games, six revamped party games, a new Story Mode, and 150 new Main Game stages. Casual gamers will love the easy pick-up-and-play gameplay while the more seasoned gamers will be put to the ultimate test in the later stages. In the new Story Mode, you'll fight as AiAi to stop the evil plans of the deranged scientist, Dr. BAD-BOON and his mysterious sidekick, simply known as Dr. BAD-BOON's Assistant. But Story Mode is just the beginning -- you'll want to grab some friends and get groovin' with the 12 new Party Games! Take on totally revamped versions of your old favorites like Monkey Bowling and Monkey Target, or step up to the competition on any of the 6 brand new Party Games. With its new modes, awesome graphics, and exciting multi-player features, Super Monkey Ball 2 is guaranteed to keep your party guests going bananas for hours.

  • One to four players can compete, cooperate and collide in 12 addictive Party games.
  • Explore 10 Monkey Worlds filled with unique themes and incredible visuals in the new Story Mode.
  • 6 totally revamped Party Games: Monkey Race, Monkey Fight, Monkey Target, Monkey Billiards, Monkey Bowling, and Monkey Golf!
  • 6 brand new Party Games: Monkey Tennis, Monkey Baseball, Monkey Soccer, Monkey Boat Race, Monkey Shot, and Monkey Dog Fight!

TimeSplitters 2
Prepare to battle through history as the evil TimeSplitters get ready to rise again!!

The year is 2401. On a space station suspended on the fringe of time and space, the evil race known as the TimeSplitters scheme the end of the human race. Growing in strength and numbers, they have only one purpose in life - to destroy all human existence!

The elite troop of space marines that was been sent to overpower these evil creatures has been fighting a losing battle. The last two remaining marines have barely fought their way to the heart of the station, where the TimeSplitters keep their secret weapon the time portal. Powered by nine crystal shards, the portal device enables the TimeSplitters to leap from one time period to another, changing the course of history to suit their own agenda. Just as the marines arrive the last two crystals disappear through the portal in the gangly hands of the enemy.

The only way to stop the TimeSplitters evil plot is to pursue them into the portal and recover the nine crystals before they are lost forever. In control of one of the marines, leap into the unknown, track down the crystal and eliminate the TimeSplitters with as much prejudice as you can muster!

TimeSplitters has been improved in every way; bigger, faster smoother and more furious than anything you've ever played before.

  • Totally immersive single player and co-operative story mode, featuring a complex narrative, and superbly animated cut-scenes.
  • Nine time traveling episodes, each with their own distinct graphical style and mission objectives spanning time periods as diverse as the Wild West, Neo Tokyo 2019 and a Robot Factory in cold space.
  • Huge detailed environments with interactive features and atmospheric musical score themed around levels.
  • Over 90 characters and enemies, featuring the original cast, some of their ancestors and new renegades and lunatics that you'll want to kill!
  • A vast variety of weapons to choose from through the ages, ranging from crossbows and blowguns to laser pulse rifles and flamethrowers.
  • Furious 2 - 4 split-screen multiplayer action - the most exhilarating experience you get from your console!
  • Customizable multi-player mode, scenarios including death match, capture-the-bag, escort, last stand, and more.
  • Enhanced combat effects; screen shake, dramatic lighting, more reactive character hit animations.
  • Massively enhanced Mapmaker enables you to create 'Story levels' as well killer death match scenarios

Animal Crossing
Cross over to a world that thrives 24-7 on GCN. The ambitious Animal Crossing allows players to interact with a virtual village of animals who are doing something different every minute of every day. With Animal Crossing's 24-hour clock, the game's unique events can be in synch with real time -- as day turns to night in the real world, the sun will also begin to set in the game. Seasons will change and special events will occur in real time, too. The dynamic setup will have players coming back every day to carry out their daily routines, build relationships with villagers, celebrate special days, collect furnishings for their homes and just live life in an innovative experience that's a world of its own.

When you're playing Animal Crossing and link your GCN to the GBA, you'll be able to sail to a special island that appears only when you connect the two systems. Once you've finished scouring the island, you can sail back to the GCN game with all the unique goodies you've found on your voyage. Gamers will also be able to load their personalized character from the Memory Card onto a friend's Animal Crossing game and visit their pal's unique village.

Bomberman Generation
It is the cosmic year 200X and the notorious Hige Hige Bandits have scattered six powerful Bomb Elements throughout six worlds. Bomberman must find all six elements to prevent the evil gang from doing very naughty things.

Each world presents its own unique challenge. In Octo Ocean, you use underwater currents to explore caves and sunken pirate ships. In Tentasia, you can bomb trees to create a makeshift bridge or hop in tree stumps to be magically transported to another location. Professor Ein will give advice from the safety of his research laboratory while you do the legwork.

Within each world, you will find six numbered levels that must be completed in sequence. You'll want to play through each level multiple times in order to find all secrets. Unfortunately, no mapping system has been included, so when you return to a level you will have to dig into your memory banks to recall curious spots.

Luigi's Mansion
Luigi steps out from the shadow of his brother Mario and into the gloomy shadows of a very haunted house in this, his first-ever starring role. Armed with a flashlight and a customized vacuum cleaner, Luigi must rid the mansion of Boos and ghouls - and find his missing brother to boot!

Luigi has won the huge and very mysterious mansion as the grand prize in a big contest. Mario was supposed to meet him there at midnight, but when Luigi shows up his big brother is nowhere to be found. Trembling as he enters, Luigi's worst fears are confirmed when a giant ghost leaps out of the darkness!

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
As they progress through the game, players will get to assume the roles of a number of key characters from Tolkien's Middle-earth, including Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Frodo, and Sam. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King will also features footage from the movie.

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Based on the first two Lord of the Rings movies, the game lets players assume the roles of Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli and challenges them to battle through 13 orc-infested levels taken straight from the films.

GameCube Games I Should Rent
These are all the games that look fun, but I don't think I will waste my $50 on them.


The game is an action adventure that places you in the role of a hard-edged ninja embroiled in a fight against the diabolical Ranx army. Some of the I-Ninja's moves sound like they've been designed with both utility and comedy in mind. The I-Ninja will also have an assortment of ninja-oriented and conventional military weaponry available, including shuriken, chain whips, blowguns, and even rocket launchers. According to Namco, the game's many missions are spread across five environments, and you'll face enemies ranging from foot soldiers to a 150-foot robot.


Dead to Rights
Dead to Rights is about a K-9 cop named Jack Slate, who does what he can to keep the peace in a criminal cesspool called Grant City. Early on, Slate and his trusty dog Shadow must investigate a mysterious construction site. There, Slate discovers that someone very close to him has been murdered. Against direct orders, he sets off to find some answers and get revenge. The story, told through Jack's deadpan narration and the occasional CG cutscene, seems pretty straightforward at first. But during the course of the game, it actually takes some decent twists and eventually becomes quite involving. The best that can be said for it is that, unlike most stories in games, this one does a commendable job of tying up all its loose ends before the credits roll.


Red Faction II
Red Faction II is mostly about straight run-and-gun action. The game's action scenes are tightly packed with firefights, scripted events, and vehicle combat. And of course, since this is a Red Faction game, the destruction of the environment comes heavily into play. The last game made this feature mostly optional, but Red Faction II does a much better job of making the world-destroying ability key to success. You're often required to use your head and your heavy weaponry to find a way around a dead end or approach an obstacle from a different angle. The game actually makes you rethink the way you play first-person shooters, since a wall is no longer an immovable barrier. If you can't find a door to exit through, often you can simply make your own.

Samurai Jack
Working with the creative team that orchestrated the hit TV Cartoon Network show Samurai Jack, Sega of America has plans to bring Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku, the videogame, to the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube as early as this March, IGN learned from Electronics Boutique's Website today.

While Sega of America would not comment on the game prior to next Monday's event, EB Games' site has full details, with a curiously early release date of March 16, and an MSRP of $39.99.

Dubbed Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku, Sega's action-combat game is supposed to deliver seamless animations to match the excellent looking show, as Jack himself will move through four realms and 24 levels ranging from a village to a city from the future in Aku's universe, each with interactive backgrounds including sliceable ropes, breakable doors and secret passages.

For those familiar with the show, the enemy roster highlights Aku, Mad Jack and the Scotsman among 25 other creatures. The primarily action-based game arms Jack with 25 signature moves, the ability to hurl shurikens, fire arrows from bows, and utilize four elemental swords. Players can even hand enemies their pink slip on life in a tongue-in-cheek bullet-time mode called "Sakai Mode."

In the effort to give the game the authenticity it needs with show's well established fan-base, Sega is working with the show's creator Genndy Tartakovsky; it's also voice acted by the series' cast.


The game's complex story focuses on the adventures of a mysterious amnesiac--who's clearly led an eventful life judging by the vast number of people trying to kill him. Shortly after he wakes up on a beach, it becomes clear that something is amiss, as all manner of killers start to come out of the woodwork, eager to plug our mysterious amnesiac full of holes. The quest to discover who he is and why so many people want to kill him is at the core of XIII's story. The story is lent an off-kilter charm by the interesting backstory of the world it's set in--an alternate timeline where the world has unfolded in a very different way following the assassination of the US president. The aforementioned paranoia and conspiracy-laden tale features a dizzying collection of twists and turns, involving everything from government cover-ups to shadowy military organizations. There are even some murders thrown in for good measure.


This is a mission-based car combat game called RoadKill. The game appears to combine the mission-based, open-city action of a game like Grand Theft Auto III with the car combat gameplay style of Twisted Metal Black. The game takes place in an alternate-universe version of the 1980s, which meant the developers could make some pretty wild soundtrack decisions, and they've included tracks from such bands as Foreigner, Judas Priest, and Rick Springfield. In addition to a collection of licensed music, a lot of '80s-style music is actually being created for the game.
The game's radio will also alert you to upcoming events, including side missions you can embark on to increase your reputation. The game's main mission points trigger cutscenes, and through the course of the game's three-city, 30-mission adventure you'll go to work for a few different gangs.
The game starts you out in an El Camino look-alike with a swivel gun turret position mounted in the back. After a few missions, you'll meet up with a character who will man that turret position, but a few missions will also put you in the gunner seat while the AI drives. The missions we saw take place early in the game, and they mostly teach you how to use the GTA-style map readout to find and eliminate targets. Some of the game's side missions will have you going on armed races through the city streets against three equally armed vehicles.


Enter the Matrix
Merciless Agents stalk your every move. You defy gravity and break all the rules.  How far down does the rabbit hole go? Are you ready to find out? Are you ready to Enter The Matrix?

Enter The Matrix is the story-within-the-story. It features awesome gunplay and spectacular martial arts that bend the rules of the Matrix, as well as insane driving and stunts, and the chance to pilot the fastest hovercraft in the fleet. This game isnt just set in the Matrix universe its an integral part of the entire Matrix experience, weaving in and out of the highly anticipated 2nd installment in the film trilogy, The Matrix Reloaded . 

Enter The Matrix was developed under the creative direction of the Matrix filmmakers Larry and Andy Wachowski. The unprecedented level of collaboration between Hollywoods hottest filmmakers and the award-winning Shiny Entertainment team promises to make Enter The Matrix a truly unique gaming experience.


Tak and the Power of Juju

Tak and the Power of Juju is a tale of good vs. evil set in an ancient, tribal world where magic (Juju) really works! Tak, a shaman's apprentice and unlikely hero, sets off on an action-filled, yet humorous journey to save his village from an evil Juju Man. Tak will have to stretch beyond his training and use his wits, his environment and the power of the Juju gods to complete his quest and reinstate peace in his mystical world.


Kirby's Air Ride
Kirby's Air Ride is the latest game from HAL Laboratories, of Super Smash Bros. fame. The game stars Kirby, Nintendo's lovable and underrated platforming hero. Kirby's Air Ride takes the rotund one into the racing genre in a quirky game that blends classic Kirby gameplay elements with high-speed racing.

GameCube Games I Own

  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
  • Mario Party 5
  • F-Zero GX
  • Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
  • James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire
  • Star Fox Adventures
  • Super Mario Sunshine
  • Metoid Prime
  • Mario Party 4
  • James Bond 007: Nightfire
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
  • NBA Live 2003
  • Wario World

Reviews of GameCube Games I own

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Mario Karts are awesome games and this one is no different. Its a little different from usual because two characters ride in one kart but that just makes it more exciting. You get to pick any two drivers you want and any kart as well which I think is pretty bad ass. There isn't very many levels in the battle mode, hopefully I can unlock more. Playing Single player mode is fun, but it's funner with more than one person. There are some characters and karts that you can unlock if your good. This game is awesome and you should buy it.

Super Smash Bros. Melee
This is the first game I got for the GameCube and probably still my favorite. This is the sequel to the N64 game Super Smash Bros. and I also have that. In this game you get to choose from classic Nintendo characters and than fight. There are a few different games modes and they are all pretty fun. 1 to 4 players can play this game and the more people the better I would say. I highly recommend this game to everyone.

Mario Party 5

I like the Mario Party games, they are probably the best party game out there. This one is a lot like they other ones, but there is more stuff to do with over 70 new mini games and a new story mode plus other exciting new additions. The one thing that people may not like is that Donkey Kong is no longer a playabel charcter, he is still in the game and he helps you sometimes, but you can't be him. I really don't care because I never use him anyway and with Waluigi who would. I'm not sure if there is stuff you can unlock because I just got it, but there probably is.

F-Zero GX
F-Zero games aren't bad and this one is sweet. It has the best graphics I have ever seen and the cars, or whatever they are, go super fast. For those people that don't know F-Zero is like a futuristic racing game. This is one of the fastest games I have ever played, if you blink you could run into a wall. But this game isn't just racing there also is a cool Story Mode where you play as Captain Falcon, the most famous character from the F-Zero games. Captain Falcon is also in the Super Smash Bros. games some of you might remember him. There is also an awesome F-Zero Store were you can buy car parts and other stuff then customize your own vehical. Overall I think this is a great game and you should all buy it.

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
In this game you can play at different courses and see famous Mario-related locations. You can choose from different clubs just like before, but now you can also choose from different swings such as backspin and topspin. The game supports up to four players, and it lets you pick from the standard cast of Mario favorites, including Peach, Luigi, and Waluigi. The game has a many different options for play, including match and stroke play or various tournaments. There are many courses to unlock and a few characters to unlock so this game should keep you busy for quit sometime. The game will also allows you to connect with the upcoming Game Boy Advance version of Mario Golf: Advance Tour, where you will be able to develop a cahacter and trancfer him/her to the GameCube game.

James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire
I have a lot of James Bond games I think I have about everyone. I think my favorite one is GoldenEye but this one is good as well. The only way this one is better is because you can have computer players in the battle mode and it has much better graphics.

Star Fox Adventures
I didn't like the old Star Fox games were all you did was fly the Airwing around, but this one is different and I think it is cool. You hardly fly in this game at all and that makes it a lot better. In this game you fight dinosaurs and solve puzzles to try and save Dinosaur Planet.

Super Mario Sunshine
This Mario game is a little bit different than normal because it doesn't take place in the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario is equipped with some sort of water sprayer. This is a great game, but I like all Mario games. They arent too hard and they are pretty long which makes them fun. There are still a few things that never change though such as you still have to save Princess Peach and Bowser is still the bad guy. Also Yoshi is back and you can ride him around.

Metoid Prime

This game isn't as bad as I thought it once was. Once I figured out what I was doing, this game was pretty fun. It kind of reminds me of the old Zelda games for Ninendo 64 just with guns because there is a lot of stuff you need to find and it's a big adventure. 

Mario Party 4 

This is the fourth game in the popular Mario Party series, which you can plainly see by the title. This games features over 50 brand new mini-games and over 5 new boards. There are a few things different in this game such as now you can play story mode and win presents, and you can even be on teams in multi-player mode. Once you beat a board in story mode you must play a min-game against the owner of the board (Boo, Toad, ect.). After you beat all the boards you must play on the Bowser board and if you beat that you must fight Bowser. This is a fun game, but it gets boring after a little bit. It needs more

mini-games and boards.

James Bond 007: Nightfire
This is a sweet game, it is just like all other Bond games except sometimes when you do something special it moves from first-person (seeing only what Bond sees) to third-person (seeing Bond whole body from the back). This really makes the game more interesting. This game also has a place where you can put in codes; most Bond games don't have that option. I like this game.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

This is probably the worst Zelda game ever made by Nintendo. The graphics are all cartoony and gay. The story is completely different from any other Zelda game. You have to ride a boat everywhere, which takes forever and is boring. The game is a lot shorter and easier than any other Zelda game, which really takes away from the enjoyment. Most of the time I would highly recommend Zelda games, but not this time, I highly don't recommend this game. It takes away from the greatness of all the other Zelda games.

NBA Live 2003

This is just a great basketball game. I'm not sure what I can say about it except for that it is fun. I'm not going to bore you with things you probably don't even care about so I will leave it at that.

Wario World
This game is pretty fun, it is almost like a side scrolling game but not really you would have to see it to know what I mean. In this game a black jewle turns Wario's treasure and his castle into a different world and he must beat up everyone to change it back. It wasn't very long but it was fun while it lasted.


(I also have The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time which is exactly the same as it was for Nintendo 64, but there is a Master Quest on the disk which is just a little bit harder but the same game. I got the game free when I bought The Wind Waker.)

Nintendo GameCube