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This is a page dedicated to things that piss me off.

I'm sorry if I offend anybody with this page. You shouldn't piss me off so much.

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  1. Stupid People
  2. School
  3. Whether
  4. Computers
  5. TV
  6. Whether
  7. Sports
  8. Miscellaneous

Stupid People
Stupid People piss me off! Why do people have to be stupid? One person can be smart, but when you get many people together they are stupid. When ever someone is stupid I feel like I want to punch them in the face.

  • People that Copy Me
    People that copy me piss me off! Why must people copy me all the time, am I really that cool? I mean jeese people I have had just about as much as I can take, my head is gonna exploed and you woudln't want that because if it did you would probably just copy me and die too. Enough with the copying please go do your own stuff.

  • Smokers
    Smokers piss me off! I don't care if people smoke in there own home, but when they smoke around me and I have to smell it, that is what I don't like. Why do people smoke anyway, it's not good for you and it smells like crap.

  • People that try to Wreak Havoc on Me
    People that try to wreak havoc on me piss me off! It pisses me off because the people that do it just do dumb stuff like nigger knock, which is old. If people want to wreak havoc they should think of something new. Andy Bricker and I dominate the havoc and we will get whoever is doing this stuff back. They really shouldn't mess with us because we will kill them.

  • People that don't know how to walk
    People that don't know how to walk piss me off! It's not the people that are unable to walk tha piss me off, it's those people that know who to walk and just don't do it. I hate it when I'm walking down the hallway at school or something and people will just stop in the middle of the hall way. IF YOU ARE GOING TO STOP AT LEAST GET OUT OF THE WAY! Also when I am trying to walk down the whole way and a can't even go anywhere because people are just standing in the way. I hate people.

  • People that ask questions
    People that ask questions piss me off! I hate when people I don't know come up to me and ask me what time it is or how to get somewhere. And I also hate people that ask me dumb questions like "did you get a hair cut" (is my hair shorter if so then I must have gotten it cut, moron). Also I hate people that ask too many questions for example if someone ask me if I want a drink then I say yes, then they ask me what kind and I say something, then they ask if I want ice and I say no, then they ask me if i want it in a cup (JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN DRINK).

  • Stupid Questions
    Stupid Questions piss me off! People always say there is no such thing as a stupid question only stupid people, but I would have to disagree. like when people ask if you got your hair cut when you obviously got your hair cut that is a stupid question. You could say I like your new hair cut or I hate your new hair cut, but you don't. The smart thing would be to just keep your mouth shut from now on.

  • People that Speak in 3rd Person
    People that speak in 3rd person piss me off! I hate when people speak in 3rd person it is so annoying. What do they think say their name all the time makes them important? I just think it make them look like an idiot.

  • Wiggers
    Wiggers piss me off! If you don't know what a wigger is, it is those white people that try to act like black people. And if you have never seen a wigger your lucky because wiggers are retarded (no offence) (to retards not wiggers.) Why do white people always want to be black? That does not make sense to me what is so much better about black people? Besides athletic ability, but you don't see many wiggers playing sports anyway.

  • Idiots in the Movie Theater
    Idiots in the movie theater piss me off! People that talk during the movie piss me off. People that laugh at the parts that aren't even funny piss me off. People that think it's funny to shine a laser pointer on the screen piss me off. And people who don't turn their phones or pagers and things of that nature off or on vibrate during the movie piss me off. 

  • When someone keeps calling me the wrong name
    When someone keeps calling me the wrong name it pisses me off! You don't want to correct them because you dont want them to feel stupid especially if they have been doing it for a long time. Eventually you start liking it and its like a little nickname until someone tells the person and hates you because you never corrected him/her.

  • When someone waves but I dont know if they are waving at me
    When someone waves but I dont know if they are waving at me pisses me off! I never know if I should wave back because if I don't wave they will be mad at me, but if I do wave and find out they werent waving at me than I just feel like an idiot. Its kind of like when someone calls my name, but I don't know where they are so I just look around like a moron.

  • YOU!
    You piss me off! I think that is all I need to say.

School pisses me off! I probably should have said this when we were actually in school but i forgot. School is to early in the morning that i stupid who came up with that anyway. And the teachers alway expect you to read sh!t I hate that. And we only get 2 days off a week thank god for summer.

  • Test and Quizes
    Test and quizes piss me off! I can do well on my homework and what not, but as soon as the test comes I get nervous or something and I don't do as well as I should. I wish we didn't have tests because there is really no reason for them.

  • ISTEP and SAT
    ISTEP and SAT piss me off! Those are the two worst test you will ever have to take. They are to long and the questions are retarded. I'm glad I'm done with ISTEP and I can't wait for the SAT to be over because I hate it.

  • English Class
    English class pisses me off! I hate reading, I hate writind reports and stuff, and I hate doing speeches and in English class we have to do all those things. Not only that English has to be the subject I get the most homework in. Screw English class I know how to talk, read, and write that is all I need.

  • Homework
    Homework pisses me off! You sit in school all day doing work then you get hame and have to do more work, that is gay. And if your unlike me and play a sport or have a job then you have exactly no time to get your homework done. And getting homework on the weekends is the worst, just when you get a couple days off from school the teachers deside to throw a bunch of work at you so you can look like a loser being the only person doing homework on the weekend.

Computers piss me off! Computers are cool they just cost too much and there are a lot of gay things about computers, like spam emails and pop ups.

  • When I am unable to update my web site and I'm forced to make a new one
    When I am unable to update my web site and I'm forced to make a new one pisses me off! My old site was just getting big and good and then I have to start all over from scratch and it makes me want to kill someone.

  • Pop Ups
    Pop ups piss me off! I hate pop ups so much they come all the time and screw up what ever I am doing. And they mke my computer go slow. Pop ups come up even when im not using the computer. I'LL GET YOU POP UPS!!!

  • SPAM
    Spam pisses me off! I hate all those damn Spam and junk emails I keep getting. Every time I check my mail I have like 20 of them. I also hate the food Spam, but right now I'm talking about the Spam emails.

  • My Computer Freezing
    My computer freezing pisses me off! I hate when my computer freezes because then I have to restart, which takes forever. And when I restart my computer I loose all the stuff I was doing at the time the computer froze.

  • Bandwidth
    Bandwidth pisses me off! Bandwidth is that stuff that keeps me from putting music on my site or making my site too big. If it wasn't for that damn bandwidth this site would be much cooler, but oh well.

TV pisses me off! Actually I love TV, but I hate all the dumb shows on TV. And I hate during the summer when only reruns are on TV. And commercials suck.

  • People that cancel my favorite shows
    People that cancel my favorite shows piss me off! Everytime I have a favorite show it gets cancled and I don't like it. It has happened way to many times and I think I am going to go insane. I don't even remember what most of the shows were but I know I liked them and they were canceled.

  • Commercials
    Commercials piss me off! I hate when I'm watching a show and there are a million commercials. Whenever commercials come on I usually change the channel, but I hate doing that becuase i will forget to change it back. Thats why I like HBO, there are no commercials. Sometimes they can be funny or whatever, but than the next time you see it they cut out the funny part to make the commercial shorter.

  • The FCC

    The FCC pisses me off! The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is responsible for getting all the good stuff taken off TV and radio. The FCC censors all the bad language and sex on TV or radio. The FCC is now trying ban these type of things from channels like HBO which you pay extra for.

Whether pisses me off! The whether in Fort Wayne is really screwed up one day it's hot and the next day it will snow, and it used to rain like all the time. It could rain for a week straight. And it sucks when it's really cold outside.

  • Cold
    Cold pisses me off! I hate when it is so cold outside that I can't even go out and then I get sick. And when I have to wear a coat, I hate wearing coats.

  • Hot
    Hot pisses me off! I hate been hot and sweaty. When it's hot outside all I want to do is sit inside with the air conditioning. And mowing the grass in the hotness really sucks. At least I have a pool I can enjoy when it's hot.

  • Rain
    Rain pisses me off! When ever it rain really hard my basement and my yard flood. And I always feel like crap when it rains and all I want to do is sleep.

  • Snow
    Snow pisses me off! When ever it snows you know it going to be cold outside. And then you have to shovel the driveway and the sidewalk. And snow looks nice when it's fresh, but as soon as it melts it looks like crap.

Sports piss me off! Well really it's only the sports teams I hate that piss me off. And the teams I hate only piss me off when they win. Exspecially the Lakers, I'm not sure why I hate the Lakers so much, but I wish they would die.

  • L.A. Lakers
    The Lakers piss me off! At first I hated them because they were the ones that always knocked the Kings out of the playoffs, but now I hate them even more. Now that they have Karl Malone and Gary Payton I just want to kill them. Now people are saying they are one of the best teams to ever play in the NBA and that makes me mad.

  • Dallas Mavericks
    Dallas Mavericks piss me off!  They make one of the best players get injured, Chris Webber. Than they knock his team and mine out of the playoffs, Sacramento Kings. Whoever knocks my team out of the playoffs I'm going to hate exspecially the Lakers.

  • Kings Injuries
    Kings injuries piss me off! Every year Kings are the best team in the NBA and have the chance to win it all then someone gets hurt. The last 3 years Chris Webber has been injured and one year they would have won but Peja Stojakovic had and injured ankel.

  • Kings Losing Leads
    Kings losing leads pisses me off! Like 3 games in a row the Kings had about a 20 point lead in the first half and they still lose the game. I think the reason it has been happening lately is because Chris Webber is injured, but it still makes me angry.

Miscellaneous pisses me off! Okay that doesn't make sense but I have to keep the theme going. In this section you will learn about the things that piss me off that don't fit in any other category yet.

  • Bugs
    Bugs piss me off! I hate when I see a bug crawling around on my floor or ceiling because then I get all paranoid and think it is on me at all times. Bugs are gross and they need to stay out of my house. And misquettos really suck because they will bite you and make you itch and bees and warps or stuff like that will sting you and make you cry. So I hate bugs and they make me angry.

  • Daylight Saving Time
    Daylight Saving Time pisses me off! Every year I get used to a TV schedule then all my shows get pushed back an hour later. I am unable to watch half the shows because they are on later and I don't feel like staying up.

  • Forgetting Stuff
    Forgetting stuff it pisses me off! I hate when I am about to do something, but I forget what I was going to do. Here is an example, I will go into the kitchen to get a drink but when I get in there I can't remember what I was going to do. So I will go back and sit diwn and start watching TV or something than I will remember, and I will have to get back up and go back to the kitchen. The was just an example it didn't really happen, but I hate that.

When I Can't Think of Something

When I can't think of something it pisses me off! Ill spend forever trying to think of something and I wont be able to think of it, but as soon as I stop thinking about I remember and I hate that.

  • Waking Up Early
    Waking up early pisses me off! If I have to wake up before Noon for any reason that is too early. I hate getting up early because than I have to go to bed early and that is imposible for me. The earliest I can go to bed for school or something is around midnight and even then it is still hard to fall asleep. I'm not a morning preson so waking up early sucks.

  • Crowds
    Crowds piss me off! I hate being around large groups of people exspecially if I don't know them. That is why I don't talk much at school and I don't eat. That is also why amusement parks suck exspecially when it is hot outside. Whenever I get around a lot of people I just get nervous and I don't feel like doing anything.

  • Long Lines
    Long lines piss me off! Long lines and crowds kind of fit together because long lines are usually made up of a lot of people and a lot of people make a crowd. I hate standing in long lines that is another reason why I don't eat lunch at school. And also there are often long lines at amusement parks for everything including the bathrooms.

  • Allergies
    Allergies piss me off! There are 2 allergies that get me one is cats when ever I'm around cats I die and the other is... well I'm not sure exactly what it is, but towards the beginning of ever school year up until it starts getting really cold out it kills me. But it's not just allergies that piss me off, it's being sick in general. Usually as soon as I get rid of the summer alergies I get a cold or something and I just get so sick of being sick.

This stuff makes me mad and you don't wanna make me mad.
You are making me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.