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Here you can learn about an awesome band, Blink 182.

Blink 182
Origins of Blink 182 can be traced back to the late 80's, when Mark Hoppus recieved his first bass guitar at the age of 15. He would meet up with 14 year old DeLonge by 1991 in San Diego, California. Drummer Scott Raynor soon joined the band, by now known simply as Blink. Local label, Kung Fu Records, released their demo entitled "Buddha" by 1994. They would soon sign on with Cargo Records to produce "Cheshire Cat" in 1995.
Due to heavy play in Australia, MCA Records signed the trio and soon released their major label debut, "Dude Ranch" in 1996. They changed their name to Blink 182 for legal reasons in direct result of a local Australian group already named Blink. The album would go gold in the states and Canada, earning the band a strong fan base which would set the stage for further releases.
Raynor would leave by the beginning of 1999, leaving former Steely Dan drummer, Travis Barker to take over. By July of that year, they released their follow-up to "Dude Ranch", titled "Enema Of The State". On the strength of single, "What's My Age Again?" and heavy music store promotions.
Following the success came the juvenile rantings, either from Howard Stern or porn star, "Janine" (who also is featured on the cover of "Enema" dressed in a nurse's outfit). Also included in 99's success was the highly regarded tour with Silverchair. Not to mention the movies, as themselves in the film, "American Pie".

Tom DeLonge (guitars/vocals)
Mark Hoppus (bass/vocals)
Travis Barker (drums)

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Blink 182