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These are some things that scare me.

  1. Stupid Things
  2. Dieing
  3. Horror Films

Stupid Things
These are the things people, like me, shouldn't be afraid of, but we are:
  • Heights
    Heights scare me! It's wierd because I'm not afraid of flying, but when I'm in a tall building or something looking out the window I get scared.

  • Bugs
    Bugs scare me! If there is a bug on my wall I will freak out, then I will kill it. Even when they are dead I will not touch them.

  • When People Sneak up on Me
    When people sneak up on me that scares me! When ever it's dark and I open up a door and someone is standing on the other side of it, I jump or if I'm typing on the computer and someone walks up behind me real quit and says something, I jump.

I'm not afraid of dieing as much as I am afraid of the way I die:
  • Drowning
  • Burning
  • Freezing

Horror Films
I'm not afraid of scary movies while I am watching them, but when they are over I always get paranoid:
  • Jason Voorhees

  • Michael Myers

  • Freddy Krueger

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