Andrew Safford
Clint Goble


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Clint Goble is a friend of mine, learn about him here.

I met Clint a while ago when he was known as CJ, we played baseball together. Then I didn't see him for a long time until I went down to Hamilton Park and saw him playing basketball, but I didn't like him that day. Then when I went to Northside I started talking to him and now I don't hate him. I like to call him C Go like J Lo, but I have never called him that ever and I just made it up.

Age/Birthday: November 27th, 1986
Height: 5'11"
Weighs: 150 lbs. 
Address: 660 3rd Street
Occupation: He does not have a job, but he is looking for one.
Hobbies: Playing basketball, chillin' with Jon Shultz, and trying to party as much as possible.
Marital Status: Single

Clint bet me 10 dollars that I wouldn't be able to go all summer without cutting my hair. But I am not going to cut my hair this summer so he is going to owe me.