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Andy Bricker


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Here you can learn about my friend Andy Bricker.

People know Andy Bricker as many different names. First off his name was Frog Boy often shortened to Frog. Then he was none as Lil Alien or Lil Alien Faggot for a lil bit. After that he was called Crazy Andy Bricker.

Frog Boy

Frog Boy was his first nickname giving to him by umm... I don't remember either Ben Westrick or Josh Kendrick. The reason he got the name was because he wore all green clothes and shot weird while playing basketball. People still call him that to this day and that name will never go away.

Lil Alien
Lil Alien came from the game Perfect Dark for Nintendo 64. Everytime we played that game he would be this little alien character. He was also known as Lil Alien Faggot because that is what AJ Beckman would call him. It was the first time AJ and Andy met each other and we were all playing Perfect Dark and Andy kept on killing AJ. I guess AJ couldn't remember Andy's real name so he just kept calling him the Lil Alien Faggot.

Crazy Andy Bricker

This name was started by Zac Jennings when him and Andy first met. I remember that we went to see The Grinch and once it was over Zac asked Andy what his name was and Andy said, "I'm not telling you because you will call me Crazy Andy Bricker." And after that we would always call him Crazy Andy Bricker and it fit perfectly because he really was crazy. Personaly I don't think he liked the name, mostly because he always told us to stop calling him that and because he said he hated it.

Age/Birthday: July 19th, 1986
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 130
Address: 2510 Meadowsweet Ct.
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Playin sports, chillin with friends, hangin with the ladies
Marital Status: single

We like to "wreak havoc" during the summer.


Burnt Hot Dog Monster
This was our first story, which we got from the game show "Newly Weds." We were watching that show before we went to be and there was this nasty looking lady with her fat husband. I said the lady looked like a monster, but Andy corrected me and said she looked like a burnt hot dog. So we combined the two and made her into a Burnt Hot Dog Monster and her husband was Pig because he's fat. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't sleep and it wouldn't have been that bad, but the next day we were going to Kings Island.

How Ya Doin'
When Andy and I went to Kings Island the lady at the entrance that was taken our tickets kept saying "How Ya Doin'" When she said it to me I said, "Alright" and she said, "Thats good." But when she said it to Andy and he said, "I'm good how are you" she just gat mad at him. And later he changed "How Ya Doin" to "Whats Going On" and that was funny.

Old Ladies
The old ladies where also at Kings Island and we met them before we were about to leave. The story behind these old ladies goes a bit like this. Andy and I were waiting for my parents by the tower trowards the front of the park and we felt rain drops on us, but we weren't sure if they were rain drops or people spitting of the tower. So then we went under the tower and sat a table and we were messing with some little guys we won at the arcade. All off a sudden these two old ladies came out of nowhere and sat at the table with us and were talking to us and stuff. We asked them if it was raining or if people were spitting of the tower and they said, " People are spitting, you know how old people like to spit" or something like that. And the older lady kept on punching me and the ither lady said, "If you punch that boy one more time he is gonna turn around and sock you in the mouth." Andy and I were really scared of these old ladies and it was past the time we were supposed to meet my parents so we ran and they were just outside of the tower.

Dwinkin Beel



Hair Boy
Hair Boy is actually Andy's cousin Paul. The reason I call him Hair Boy, actually Andy made that up, is because everytime I see him he says something about my hair. He usually says something like, "How do you get your hair to look like that?" or something like that. Also because the last time I saw him he just got his hair cut and he was carrying it in a bag.

Grandma's real name is Nathaniel, but I call him Grandma. The reason he is called Grandma is because the first time I saw these guy over at Andy's house he kept saying the word grandma for no reason. So whenever any speaks of him I alway think Grandma and so that is why I call him that.

This is Andy's friend Jake, and I have never actually called him 2fat2furious but it is a good name because he's fat. He is the one friend he hangs out with a lot that doesn't have a good name so this one will have to do.


Andy Bricker