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Here you will find news about the next episode and some of my favorite episodes, plus an episode guide.

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This week on South Park:
Lil' Crime Stoppers

I bet nobody will find this HEHE! Well I guess if your reading it then you must have found it. DAMN!
This Week:

After starting their own South Park detective agency, the boys are officially named junior deputies by the police department.

Also This Week:

TUE 9:30 PM | 8:30 C

The boys find out what it means to be circumcised and they try to save Ike from that fate

WED 9:30 PM | 8:30 C

Cartman's family and friends intervene and send him to Fat Camp. Meanwhile, some of Kenny's more unique talents are featured in his own TV show.

THU 9:30 PM | 8:30 C

The Boys go to Arkansas for the '4 Million-Child Blow 2000!', the first worldwide recorder concert.

Season Seven Continues in October
The first leg of the Seventh Season has come to an end. A new episode of South Park will air October 22nd, with seven new episodes following. There will be no new Thanksgiving Special this year, and there is no information on whether there will be a Halloween, or a Christmas Special. I will put info on the new episodes as soon as I can.

Episode Guide

Season 1
Episode 101:
Cartman Gets an Anal Probe
Original Air Date: 08-13-97

Episode 102:
Weight Gain 4000
Original Air Date: 08-20-97

Episode 103:
Original Air Date: 08-27-97

Episode 104:
Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boatride
Original Air Date: 09-03-97

Episode 105:
An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig
Original Air Date: 09-10-97

Episode 106:
Original Air Date: 09-17-97

Episode 107:
Original Air Date: 10-29-97

Episode 108:
Original Air Date: 02-04-97

Episode 109:
Starvin' Marvin
Original Air Date: 11-19-97

Episode 110:
Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo
Original Air Date: 12-17-97

Episode 111:
Tom's Rhinoplasty
Original Air Date: 2-11-97

Episode 112:
Mecha Striesand
Original Air Date: 02-18-97

Episode 113:
Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut
Original Air Date: 02-25-97

Episode Guide

Season 2

Episode 201:
Terrance & Phillip in Not Without My Anus
Original Air Date: 04-01-1998

Episode 202:
Cartmans Mom is Still a Dirty Slut
Original Air Date: 04-22-1998

Episode 203:
Original Air Date: 05-20-1998

Episode 204:
Ikes Wee Wee
Original Air Date: 05-27-1998

Episode 205:
Conjoined Fetus Lady
Original Air Date: 06-03-1998

Episode 206:
The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka
Original Air Date: 06-10-1998

Episode 207:
City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)
Original Air Date: 06-17-1998

Episode 208:
Summer Sucks
Original Air Date: 06-24-1998

Episode 209:
Chefs Chocolate Salty Balls
Original Air Date: 08-19-1998

Episode 210:
Original Air Date: 08-26-1998

Episode 211:
Roger Ebert Should Lay off the Fatty Foods
Original Air Date: 09-02-1998

Episode 212:
Original Air Date: 09-23-1998

Episode 213:
Cow Days
Original Air Date: 09-30-1998

Episode 214:
Chef Aid
Original Air Date: 10-07-1998

Episode 215:
Original Air Date: 10-28-1998

Episode 216:
Merry Christmas Charlie Manson
Original Air Date: 12-09-1998

Episode 217:
Original Air Date: 12-16-1998

Episode 218:
Prehistoric Ice Man
Original Air Date: 01-20-1999

Episode Guide

Season 3

Episode 301:
Rainforest Shmainforest
Original Air Date: 04-07-1999

Episode 302:
Spontaneous Combustion
Original Air Date: 04-14-1999

Episode 303:
The Succubus
Original Air Date: 04-21-1999

Episode 304:
Tweek Vs. Craig
Original Air Date: 06-12-1999

Episode 305:
Original Air Date: 06-16-1999

Episode 306:
Sexual Harassment Panda
Original Air Date: 07-07-1999

Episode 307:
Cat Orgy
Original Air Date: 07-14-1999

Episode 308:
Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub
Original Air Date: 07-21-1999

Episode 309:
Original Air Date: 07-28-1999

Episode 310:
Original Air Date: 11-03-1999

Episode 311:
Starvin Marvin in Space
Original Air Date: 11-17-1999

Episode 312:
Korns Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery
Original Air Date: 10-27-1999

Episode 313:
Hooked on Monkey Phonics
Original Air Date: 11-10-1999

Episode 314:
The Red Badge of Gayness (War)
Original Air Date: 11-24-1999

Episode 315:
Mr. Hankeys Christmas Classics
Original Air Date: 12-01-1999

Episode 316:
Are you there God? Its me, Jesus.
Original Air Date: 12-29-1999

Episode 317:
World Wide Recorder Concert
Original Air Date: 01-12-2000

Episode Guide

Season 4

Episode 401:
Cartmans Silly Hate Crime 2000
Original Air Date: 04-12-2000

Episode 402:
The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000
Original Air Date: 04-05-2000

Episode 403:
Quintuplets 2000
Original Air Date: 04-26-2000

Episode 404:
Timmy 2000
Original Air Date: 04-19-2000

Episode 405:
Original Air Date: 11-29-2000

Episode 406:
Cartman Joins NAMBLA
Original Air Date: 06-21-2000

Episode 407:
Cherokee Hair Tampons
Original Air Date: 06-28-2000

Episode 408:
Chef Goes Nanners
Original Air Date: 07-05-2000

Episode 409:
Something You Can Do With Your Finger
Original Air Date: 07-12-2000

Episode 410:
Do the Handicapped go to Hell?
Original Air Date: 07-19-2000

Episode 411:
Original Air Date: 07-26-2000

Episode 412:
Fourth Grade
Original Air Date: 11-08-2000

Episode 413:
Trapper Keeper
Original Air Date: 11-15-2000

Episode 414:
Helen Keller! The Musical
Original Air Date: 11-22-2000

Episode 415:
Fat Camp
Original Air Date: 12-06-2000
Episode 416:
The Wacky Molestation Adventure
Original Air Date: 12-13-2000

Episode 417:
A Very Crappy Christmas
Original Air Date: 12-20-2000

Episode Guide

Season 5

Episode 501:
Scott Tenorman Must Die
Original Air Date: 07-11-2001

Episode 502:
It Hits the Fan
Original Air Date: 06-20-2001

Episode 503:
Cripple Fight
Original Air Date: 06-27-2001

Episode 504:
Super Best Friends
Original Air Date: 07-04-2001

Episode 505:
Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow
Original Air Date: 07-18-2001

Episode 506:
Original Air Date: 07-25-2001

Episode 507:
Proper Condom Use
Original Air Date: 08-01-2001

Episode 508:
Original Air Date: 08-08-2001

Episode 509:
Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants
Original Air Date: 11-07-2001

Episode 510:
How to Eat With Your Butt
Original Air Date: 11-14-2001

Episode 511:
The Entity
Original Air Date: 11-21-2001

Episode 512:
Here Comes The Neighborhood
Original Air Date: 11-28-2001

Episode 513:
Kenny Dies
Original Air Date: 12-05-2001

Episode 514:
Butters' Very Own Episode
Original Air Date: 12-12-2001

Episode Guide

Season 6

Episode 601:
Freak Strike
Original Air Date: 03-06-2002

Episode 602:
Jared has Aides
Original Air Date: 03-13-2002

Episode 603:
Original Air Date: 03-20-2002

Episode 604:
The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer
Original Air Date: 03-27-2002

Episode 605:
Fun With Veal
Original Air Date: 04-03-2002

Episode 606:
Professor Chaos
Original Air Date: 04-10-2002

Episode 607:
Simpsons Already Did It
Original Air Date: 06-26-2002

Episode 608:
Red Hot Catholic Love
Original Air Date: 07-03-2002

Episode 609:
Free Hat
Original Air Date: 07-10-2002

Episode 610:
Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society
Original Air Date: 07-17-2002

Episode 611:
Child Abduction is Not Funny
Original Air Date: 07-24-2002

Episode 612:
A Ladder to Heaven
Original Air Date: 11-06-2002

Episode 613:
The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers
Original Air Date: 11-13-2002

Episode 614:
The Death Camp of Tolerance
Original Air Date: 11-20-2002

Episode 615:
The Biggest Douche in the Universe
Original Air Date: 11-27-2002

Episode 616:
My Future Self 'n Me
Original Air Date: 12-04-2002

Episode 617:
Red Sleigh Down
Original Air Date: 12-11-2002

Episode Guide

Season 7
Episode 701:
I'm a Little Bit Country
Original Air Date: 04-09-2003

Episode 702:
Krazy Kripples
Original Air Date: 03-26-2003

Episode 703:
Toilet Paper
Original Air Date: 04-02-2003

Episode 704:
Original Air Date: 03-19-2003

Episode 705:
Fat Butt and Pancake Head
Original Air Date: 04-16-2003

Episode 706:
Lil' Crime Stoppers
Original Air Date: 04-23-2003

Episode 707:
Red Man's Greed
Original Air Date: 04-30-2003

Favorite Episodes
Episode 501:
Scott Tenorman Must Die
Original Air Date: 07-11-2001
In this episode Scott tricks Cartman into buying his pubic hair for $16.12. Than Cartman seeks his sweet revenge on Scott. He tries many different planes, but nothing seems to work, Scott is just to smart. Than Cartman comes up with an elaborate scheme and even gets Radiohead invovled. Cartman plans a chilli cook off, than he gets Scott's parents killed and puts them in his chilli and Scott eats it. Than when Radiohead sees him crying about his parents (Radiohead doesn't know what happened the just thing his a pussy) they make fun of him and laugh and stuff. This is a great episode you have to see it to understand.
Episode 508:
Original Air Date: 08-08-2001
The boys get a new video game system and they plan to play it for the next 38 hours. Untill they discover Towelie, a government secret, genetically engineered towel that loves to get high. When the government steals Stans new Game Sphere the boys will stop at nothing to get it back. Losing precious gaming time they find Towelie and begin the struggle of the century. I like this episode because it is something I can relate to, not the genetically engineered towel but the video game system part. If someone stole my GameCube I would kill them. Also Towelie is f-cking awesome and this is his first episode on South Park.

Episode 510:
How to Eat With Your Butt
Original Air Date: 11-14-2001

For school picture day Kenny puts his ass through his hood where his face should be and Cartman sends the pictures into a milk place and gets it put on a milk carton. Cartman laughs so hard at this picture he cannot find anything else funny, he blew a "funny fuse." Than a butt face couple, the Thompsons, come to South Park looking for their missing who the think is Kenny on the milk carton. When Cartman sees the couple he can't even laugh and he thinks something is wrong with him. Later the Thompsons find out that there son is actually Ben Afleck not Kenny.

Episode 603:
Original Air Date: 03-20-2002
With their parents stuck in Time Share Hell, our boys are on their own on the slopes of Aspen, circa 1985. Stan gets challenged to a ski race and must win in order to save the youth center, get the girl, and free the trapped spirits of the Wakacha Vampire Indians. Not that he really cares. For some reason everyone that lives in Aspen is an idiot, the person the challenges Stan keeps calling him Stan "Darsh" instead of Marsh and he thinks he is making fun of him. The guy has been skiing for 22 years and Stan doesn't even know who he is, but the guy is an idiot like i said before. "If you french fri when you are sapposed to pizza your gonna have a bad time." The only thing bad about season six is that Kenny was dead the whole time.

Episode 606:
Professor Chaos
Original Air Date: 04-10-2002
Cartman, Kyle, and Stan have been thinking long and hard about Butters' job as the replacement friend since dear sweet Kenny kicked the bucket. Unfortunately they feel that his attempts as nice as they are, well just plain suck so they decide to fire him! Butters rejection causes him to uncover a deep dark part of him that he never knew existed, and plots to end the world with his new found mental illness as Professor Chaos. Cartman, Kyle, and Stan also hold tryouts to find a replacement for Butters and they pick Tweek. Tweek is awesome!


Episode 607:
The Simpsons Already Did It
Original Air Date: 06-26-2002
Professor Chaos (okay, its just Butters) returns with brand new, super evil, schemes to wreak havoc on South Park; unfortunately, the Simpsons have already done them all. Meanwhile, a super secret ingredient helps Cartmans "Sea People" evolve at an alarming rate. This is Tweek's first episode being the new friend so I had to put it on my favorites. Mrs. Choksondik is dead and the boys think they did it because they put "Sea Men" in her coffee and "seamen" was found in her body. Most likely it was Mr. Mackey's seemen and the boys had nothing to do with it.  I don't want people to read this so I'm going to hide it. Wait if I don't want people to read it why don't I just not write it? Oh well it's too late now. Unless I erase it. Nope I'm too lazy to do that you should already know that though.